Both Sindhoor, Hijab part of our Culture: Siddaramaiah

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Both Sindhoor, Hijab part of our Culture: Siddaramaiah

Bengaluru: Both ‘sindhoor’ and ‘hijab’ are part of our culture and beliefs, Opposition leader Siddaramaiah said on Sunday, expressing his reservation on coercing anyone against practising their faiths.

Wearing saffron stoles just for the purpose of opposing hijabs was a petty move, he said.

Siddaramaiah was commenting on the recent incident where a student was stopped from entering class for applying ‘sindhoor,’ citing the High Court interim order against hijab.

‘No one has a problem if students apply ‘sindhoor,’ nor is anyone affected if students wear hijab. These are traditions that are being followed for years,’ he said.

Though (Muslim girl) students used to wear hijab in the past, nobody used to attend classes wearing saffron stoles.

‘It is petty to wear saffron stoles just to oppose hijab. This is also insulting to the saffron stole,’ he said, urging not to use it for inhumane and uncivilised practices.

Commenting on the controversy over RDPR Minister K S Eshwarappa’s remarks on changing the national flag, he accused BJP of being more interested in saving the minister than upholding the dignity of the flag.

‘Insulting national flag amounts to sedition and is against the law,’ he said.

The former CM has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, requesting him to lift the restrictions on procuring ragi at the minimum support price.

All the ragi produced in the state should be procured, not just 2.1 lakh tonnes, he said.

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