BREAKING NEWS! Lockdown Lifted in Kudla Effective Saturday? NOT…..

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BREAKING NEWS! Lockdown Lifted in Kudla Effective Saturday? NOT…..

  •  BREAKING NEWS! Lockdown Lifted in Kudla Effective Saturday? NOT REALLY….(Sorry, it was a joke). But it seems like it, the way people are crowded at the grocery stores, meat, fish and vegetable shops, restaurants for carry-outs, etc, and also a large number of vehicles on streets between 6 am and 9 am- and even after 9 am onwards. This lockdown is nothing but a NAME SAKE LOCKDOWN, the way life is going on with People having NO FEAR of the VIRUS, and NO FEAR of the COVID-19 GUIDELINES/LAW.

Mangaluru: In spite of a spike in COVID-19 cases and few deaths daily in Dakshina Kannada/Mangaluru, still people are not taking this LOCKDOWN SERIOUSLY. Few days before extending the lockdown further by a week, Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa had said that he would not consider extending the lockdown, and if people adhere to the COVID-19 guidelines strictly, there will be no point in continuing the lockdown. But if CM makes a surprise visit to Mangaluru he will be stunned and would also freak out by seeing people falling on each other shopping at the meat/fish or vegetable markets, and also the heavy traffic on the streets while lockdown is in force. Many are not serious about wearing face masks, or following social distance- everyone is shopping like Coronavirus has disappeared and that lockdown is lifted. Bah humbug! Just look at the photos of people shopping and also the heavy traffic on the streets (Where have the cops disappeared, to check on this) -UNBELIEVABLE, that too during a lockdown.

Forget about our CM, even Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed disappointment over the fact that people across India are not taking lockdown ‘seriously’ and urged the people to follow instructions by the authorities in order to curb the spread of coronavirus in the country. The prime minister also directed the state governments to follow the preventive measures and guidelines issued by the Centre to check the spread of the deadly virus. But does anyone care about the PM or CM’s appeal-Definitely Not! The reason for the spike in cases during the second phase is that the Union government and our Karnataka government took it very easy and lightly when a forum of scientific advisers set up by the government warned Indian officials beginning of 2021 that a new and more contagious variant of the coronavirus will be taking hold in the country.

Despite the warning, four of the scientists said that the federal government did not seek to impose major restrictions to stop the spread of the virus. Millions of largely unmasked people attended religious festivals and political rallies that were held by the leaders of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party and opposition parties. Tens of thousands of farmers, meanwhile, continued to camp on the edge of New Delhi protesting Modi’s agricultural policy changes. It was highlighted very, very clearly that unless drastic measures were taken, it will be too late to prevent mortality, and that is what we are seeing now. The damage is done enormously and people are dying every day. The world’s second-most populous country is now struggling to contain a second wave of infections much more severe than its first last year.

For most people, the lockdowns and quarantines imposed by the government to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus have been the first time their freedom of movement and daily life has been so severely restricted. The COVID-19 lockdowns have caused significant collateral damage to the global economy, as well as disrupting access to non-COVID-19 related medical care, routine immunization programmes and family planning. Lockdown has devastating economic effects on vulnerable and marginalized populations, and many informal workers on hourly and daily wages saw their incomes end when the instant lockdown started. Thousands of workers in the informal sector are at risk of falling into poverty, and many migrant workers in Dakshina Kannada have gone back to their hometown fearing that they would face much of a crisis if they remained here, due to their experiences during last year’s lockdown. Many were left to suffer by their employers, especially those in the construction of roads and apartments.


To be sure, some scientists say the surge was much larger than expected and the setback cannot be pinned on political leadership alone, because even people were not serious enough in adhering to Covid guidelines, and we have seen it right here in Dakshina Kannada and Mangaluru. We saw large religious gatherings, huge gatherings at protests, even our popular MP held a BIG Nemotsava Kola in his ancestral home, following which a few politicians and citizens were tested positive, including minister Kota Srinivas Poojary. And soon after this Nemotsava was over, CM declared a curfew. Bah humbug! If our very own MP and netas could break the rules, what more can we expect. And now when we are facing this crisis none of these politicians are raising their voices, being guilty.

We are seeing a spike in Covid cases daily in DK, all this could have been provided only if our government and district administration was serious in taking preventive measures rather than imposing lockdown now. Like there is a saying “No Point in Crying over spilt Milk” meaning to say that feeling sorry over what has happened is of no use- and that is what we are seeing now. Our district administration officials along with DHO, officials from MCC raided shops and petrol bunks and slapped fines on violators, and after that, no one was seen to check on violators. But they only raided places that were convenient for them like in the Hampankatta or city business areas, they never went to Bunder port/Dakke or Urwa stores where migrant workers assemble in groups, flouting Covid guidelines. Only if our officials were strict and imposed fines on those who were not following the guidelines, we would have not seen so many virus cases at the moment.

This lockdown is not a solution to contain the COVID-19 virus, because lockdowns in the past have shown no positive results rather than increasing the virus cases, and also put people to hardship. The dist admin should supply food for the stranded few migrants, destitute and homeless, who are in distress without food, and we are seeing it right now, where hundreds of homeless are starving near Nehru Maidan, Market area and in other places- only to be fed by NGO’s and not the District admin nor government.

Even with lockdown, Covid infection has spread among the people, since we are seeing a rise in Covid cases daily, so what’s the point in having a lockdown. It is sad that the government without consulting expert opinions has forced the society to lockdown once again, which is not right. Referring to small, localized lockdowns imposed by authorities to control outbreaks, PM Modi had said, “We have to save the country from lockdowns. I would also request the states to use lockdowns as the last option. We have to try our best to avoid lockdowns and focus on micro-containment zones”. Then why was this lockdown imposed by CM Yediyurappa, which is not doing any good, since people are still seen out on streets and at shops flouting Covid guidelines? And there’s no one from the district admin or MCC to crack down on these violators between 6 am -9/10 am.

At present we are in a very grave situation, and it looks like People listen to politicians more than scientists. Our Country’s and state’s scientific community is dejected. We could have done better, our science could have been given more significance. What we observed in whatever little way, that should have been used better. But it’s too late now, only God has to save us from this misery and catastrophe.

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  1. The essential commodities time must be extended till 12pm. then only rush will be reduced

  2. Stop blaming… public.. start blaming. The government and authorities……, they are giving us actually 2 hours…very less people open their shops at 6 am its 7 am they open..and close at 9 am…what kind of joke is this. If they had given time till 11 or 12. People will panic…are u being paid by the government. To just blame the public …lockdown. is almost 40 days. don’t provoke with these stupid assumptions.. question the government. ..

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