BREAKING NEWS! S L Mathias Road in City is Hit by 3.2 Magnitude EARTHQUAKE?

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BREAKING NEWS! S L Mathias Road in City is Hit by 3.2 Magnitude EARTHQUAKE?

Mangaluru: If you Drive, Ride, or Walk along the stretch of S L Mathias Road it looks like the whole stretch of road is hit by a earthquake, but in reality the destruction you see is due to the SHABBY, UNSCIENTIFIC and INCOMPLETE work left behind by Mangaluru Smart City Ltd (MSCL), under which the road is developed as part of Smart City project. The foundation stone for redeveloping this stretch of road was doen in 2018, due to some issues the work was pending- and recently after MSCL took up the work even though the work was going on a snail pace, but few days ago due to some goof up with dumping of waste soil/mud against the rules, the High Court had sent a notice to MSCL, and in response the Managing Director of MSCL Akshy Sridhar decided to stop all the Smart City projects, among which S L Mathias Road was part of the list. (Ref: Concretizing of S L Mathias Rd started in Feb 2018 Will It EVER be COMPLETED’ ask Residents)

Even though S L Mathias Road boasts of brand new posh high-rise apartments, unfortunately, the builders have turned a blind eye towards the Road, along which all these residential structures exist. The S L Mathias road is so pathetic and dilapidated, with huge potholes, footpaths which lead to open ditches (some of them don’t have a start point nor an endpoint?)- and the residents and citizens who take this Road feel the brunt of all the inconveniences and hardships every single day- and so far nothing has been done to rectify the issue, neither by the MLA Vedavyas Kamath, MCC Commissioner, MCC Mayor nor the area corporator.

If you look back, the foundation laying ceremony for the concretisation of S L Mathias Road at Kaprigudda was held on 2 February 2018 and speaking after laying the foundation for the project, then MLA J R Lobo had said that the development of the S L Mathias Road would help in easing the traffic congestion in the Falnir area. He also said the road would be concretised at a cost of Rs 4.42 crores, and Footpaths will also be laid as part of the project. The project envisages concretizing the 950-meter long road, with the width of the concrete road around 40 feet, said Lobo. Exuding confidence that the locals would extend their full co-operation in execution of the project, he said funds for the same have been sanctioned under Premium FAR Fund.

He had further said that Abdul Rauf, area Corporator has been very proactive in carrying out various development projects for many few years and that he is always there among the people and is available at any time of the day for any kind of help. Well said by J R Lobo, but looking at the present condition of S L Mathias Road simply doesn’t support his words said on 2 February 2018, and looks just the opposite, that even after two years of the start of concretizing this Road, it still remains incomplete, with lots of work still pending. Is this what we call a ‘Smart Project’ under MSCL and MCC?

It is a shame that such a pathetic road bears the name of Dewan Bahadur S. L. Mathias, K.S.G. aka Saturnine Louis Mathias (1868-1940) popularly known as S.L.Mathias, the First and only Lay Founder Member of CASK and a well-known coffee planter in the City. After graduating from St Aloysius College, Mangaluru in 1889, he joined his father at Kelagur Coffee estate and in due course acquired many more estates and later acquired 500 acres of forest and planted tea. He continued to be one of the pillars and active members of CASK throughout his life, and an active figure in Mangaluru. If Late S L Mathias finds out that such a pathetic and shabby road still bears His name, He would turn over in his grave, being very angry and upset about something that was never expected?

S M Raghunath speaking to Team Mangalorean said, “When the work started a few weeks ago it gave a sigh of relief to every resident and business owner on this stretch of S L Mathias Road, and now that this Smart City project is put on hold has once again become a nightmare for all of us. I hardly come out of the house, since it is treacherous to commute, I only come here to the store to buy basic necessities. It is shameful that we have to face all these inconveniences in this upcoming Smart City?” Ms Pinto said, “Driving on this pathetic road is so dangerous due to all the potholes and incomplete road work, especially at night when there are hardly any lights in the area. Very sad to look at the condition of the road which is miserable and shameful to explain. I am advised by my children who are abroad not to come on this road until it is fully done- I hope I won’t be DEAD by that time.. ( laugh..)”.

A new motorist or a new pedestrian taking this road will face all the brunt that this Road has to offer, right from potholes, shabby humps, unsafe footpaths-where they will lead you to death, irregular and uniformity path, and what not? And still, our elected netas and district officials are proud to boast about this Smart City, when we have such ‘Smartless Roads’ and ‘Smartless Footpaths, which could kill the citizens or visitors. Nothing Less. Nothing More- I guess people will have to bear with such consequences and inconveniences until a day comes when S L Mathias is FULLY COMPLETED and SAFE to DRIVE and WALK?

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  1. The road connecting Mathias road n melina mogaru (next to falnir terraces )has a bridge n tht bridge has been demolished no way to connect Melina mogaru road to fanir ….it’s really pathetic, in view of making smart City the common resident who pay all taxes, r bearing so much tough times since yrs ….hope for a better mlore .being one of d cleanest city ,will b soon rankd below.

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