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Brighter side of life…….

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Life is full of fun.

Have you heard of the phrase…Grass is greener on the other side.
How true for a human, when we achieve something we want, we look for more. I think that is the human psychology, the human tendency of wanting more each time, forgetting the value of what has been achieved and craving for more and more??
It?s like an endless thirst or the striving hunger. Why is it that everyone in this world has become so materialistic? Why does one forget that each one of us has to go back to the Lord empty handed, as you have come on to this earth?

I heard an author saying Life is beautiful, Death is peaceful but the transition between both is the most difficult part.
Why do we possess so many things not thinking about what?s store in for us tomorrow.
While doing this we enjoy the creation forgetting the creator, GOD.
I always think that why do we run behind life so much when there is nothing permanent except DEATH!

Why does one ignore the truth always? Is it that we are so weak not to face the fact; the fact of life, DEATH. We talk about job security, life insurance, achievements, and assets but forget that there is nothing called life security?. That is the reason why in today?s jet age, I don?t find peace, warmth and care reflecting in anyone?s eye.

In life one has to be very practical and believe in the truth; the truth that lies within.. not believe what people around says. Believe in life after death coz every beginning has an end and that?s what life?s end is ..DEATH. One has to be answerable to all his deeds; one will be paid for the good and the bad.

One has to pay for everything from birth until death; from a cradle to a coffin. One can buy blood from the money that he has but not life.

We do so much to impress everybody around us. Example to get a raise we try to impress our boss. Do we ever think of impressing God who has given us the greatest gift of life? I don?t think so, we have all forgotten God, and we have the best of excuses to give for not thanking him or praying to him. Who do we go to when we are in trouble, God and where do we run when we are happy, safe and sound???

Today man has reached the moon; he has life?s best but has forgotten that this all is because of the brain that has been gifted by God the almighty. There is no limit but the sky. Man can make and get everything through his brain, through the money he makes but cannot achieve another life.
There can be clones, robots, look-alikes, wax models?? but not another YOU and ME.

Glory to the Lord?
May we all be guided to the right path?Amen!



Author: Sonia Earl Joy- UAE

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