Buddivantara Mangaluru? Electric Pole Not Shifted on the Completed New Concreted Road

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Buddivantara Mangaluru? Electric Pole Not Shifted on the Completed New Widened and Concreted Kadri Temple Road, which poses danger to motorists, especially two-wheeler riders. Ask them who banner they have to put for this road and please don’t forget to add a picture of the engineer together with other public personalities/representatives.
Mangaluru: Buddivantara Mangaluru? A City So Called Smart with Not so Smart Officials/Engineers/Contractors. If it is said that our Smart City Mangaluru is a city of intelligent and educated people, but not really when it comes to the people at the helm of various development projects that are being undertaken in the City. Right from the projects handled by Mangaluru Smart City Ltd (MSCL) and Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC), the majority of the projects completed or still on the verge of getting completed are Unplanned and Unscientific. New roads are done with no footpaths, new drainage is done with no starting or endpoint, and footpaths are broad at a few points and narrow at other points, among many others.

And here is yet another example showing how smart our engineers or contractors are when they undertake a project. A few months ago, the widening and concreting work of Kadri Temple Road connecting from Kadri Kambla Road was taken up, and after a slow pace of work the said road has been completed, but with quite a few issues putting peoples’ lives in danger. One of the issues is not shifting/moving an electricity pole which poses danger to motorists, especially two-wheeler riders. Completing a road and leaving behind an electric pole standing on the road does not make any sense at all, and the work is done in such an urgent and shabby way, anyone walking/driving/riding will have to do it at their own risk.

Before the Kadri Temple Road was widened and concreted, the electric pole was at the side of the road, which was not hazardous-but now that the road is widened, the electric pole is sticking out and there are very good chances, that a two-wheeler rider will bump into this pole, especially after dark, since the road is not lit properly, and may land up in severe injuries or face death. Do any one of these officials, or engineers care about people’s lives? As of now, even though the road work is complete, the pole remains intact much to the dismay of road users and residents. The workers have left this existing electricity pole on the road, not even bothering to shift it during the road work. Widening a road, and leaving behind an electric pole as an obstruction, does not make any sense!

Even on the Arya Samaj Road, which was widened and concreted, a telephone circuit box left untouched during work or after completion of work, has resulted in many two-wheelers and cars bumping into it, resulting in damages.

Despite enough space, electric poles are left behind on the completed new roads. Electric poles are left untouched either on the left or right side of the roads. Despite enough space for positioning the poles, no one bothers to shift the poles during the road work or after the completion of work. Probably they wait for an accident or death to take place, only after then action would be taken. Bah humbug!

Residents say that it has turned into a hindrance to the movement of vehicles, including cars and lorries. Road users could be electrocuted if heavy vehicles hit the posts accidentally. Besides residents, hundreds of schoolchildren use the road daily. It becomes busy, particularly during school hours with many cars and vans transporting children. It is high time the authorities take steps to shift the poles to the side of the road before a tragedy takes place.

In conclusion, even though this issue has been highlighted, if you go around the City, where new roads have been constructed, care has not been taken to shift the electric poles to the road flank, instead, they have been left at their existing spots. Simply does not make any sense! Also, the standard of the work is unsatisfactory, including the quality of the required construction materials used, also bitumen. Now that the Kadri Temple Road is widened, concreted and completed unscientifically, just wondering who’s banner has to be put up for this road please don’t forget to add a picture of an engineer together with other public personalities/Representatives.

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  1. the highways are built but lane discipline is not yet started, drivers never slowdown near circles or crossings, some even overtake or move fast from slow tracks to fast track and come slow track and move to cross zig zag style, autos honk horns with high noise sounds be it near hospitals or schools, what the concern officers are doing is a mystery, where the discipline need to be implemented is not taken care rest all activities are taken up in buddivantara naadu. loll daddarey.

  2. many places are there in such conditions, in yeyyadi barebail Road was closed for a month and work completed is only half, other half road iwork s still to start, on the other before opening one road another roads works are started cannot drive peacefully on any roads.

  3. Mangaluru is not planned with grid patterned roads. Also majority of the Mangaluru roads are not having trees on either side. But in Bengaluru, the roads are having trees on either sides everywhere. The riversides and beaches are not clean. Tourist places such as Boloor Sultan Battery still use fishing boats to ferry tourists to Tannirbhavi. The road connecting Marnamikatta to NH 66 at Jeppinamogaru has a kilometer long open sewer. There is a huge open sewer from Kodikal to Kulur perpendicular to NH 66. The Bajpe airport runway is a tabletop and its length is not increased, thereby it’s dangerous during monsoon and for large Boeing Airbus carriers.
    Hence I can’t understand why Mangaluru is termed a Smart City.

  4. Mangaloreans are as smart or as stupid as others. Just because Mangalore has some studious kids does not make it a cut above the rest.
    So no point rubbing ‘ Buddhivantara ooru’

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