‘Bunta Vibhushana 2023’ Award Conferred on Dr M Mohan Alva during 46th UAE Bunts Family Get-Together

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‘Bunta Vibhushana 2023’ Award Conferred on Dr M Mohan Alva during 46th UAE Bunts Family Get-Together

UAE: The Bunts community members residing in UAE celebrated their 46th year of togetherness vibrantly at the Bristol Hotel Hall on 30th April 2023.

The day-long fun-filled celebration had a delightful tinge of culture and tradition. The programme included a variety of dance, music, skit and other programs representing rich Tulu and extraordinary Bunt tradition.

The programme was witnessed by a large crowd comprising enthusiastic members from the Bunts community coming together as one family from various parts of UAE.

Dr M Mohan Alva, Chairman of Alva’s Educational Foundation, Educationalist, sportsperson, dancer, doctor, industrialist and more importantly- a philanthropist along with CID fame celebrity guest Daya Shetty & Harish Vasu Shetty from Mumbai, Renowned Sandalwood Director and Actor Shivadhwaj Shetty were welcomed traditionally with “Poornakumbha Kalashas” along with the Kerala Chende.

Dr M Mohan Alva inaugurated the programme by lighting the traditional lamp in the presence of executive committee members, guests and dignitaries.

The programme began with a prayer dance, there were a host of cultural events like Bharathanatyam, folk dances, Yakshagana, filmy dances, etc giving the event a traditional touch and flavour and keeping the audience thoroughly entertained.

Proud Bunts CID fame celebrity Daya Shetty, Harish Vasu Shetty, and Shivadhwaj Shetty were felicitated by Dr Mohan Alva.

Dr M Mohan Alva was honoured with the “Banta Vibhooshana” award by Praveen Kumar Shetty, and Sarvotham Shetty along with other dignitaries for his remarkable service to tradition, cultural society and humanity.

After receiving the honour, Dr Mohan Alva expressed his acceptance of the felicitation and said, “Our tradition of living of macro family with traditional farming we used to get the yield from the crops enough to feed the whole village. Unfortunately after adopting to modern micro family, no option was left other than depending on a grocery shop for our daily needs and requirements. Dr Mohan Alva requested everyone to help to preserve and forward our tradition and culture for the happiness of the next generation. He wished all success to the Bunt community and the guests gathered in their future endeavours.

The sponsors (Presenter, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Patron), Media and major supporters of the annual get-together were presented mementoes in recognition of their support by the committee members.

Further, the young students who excelled in the field of education and sports were honoured and encouraged with medals. It was a very proud moment for the proud parents and the audience to know about the budding stars.

Senior creative artist B K Ganesh Rai was felicitated by Bunts UAE’s Core committee members for his contribution to displaying various attractive designs, presenting the rich culture of Tulunadu which was continuously displayed on the large LCD screens adding more value for the event.

Bunts Family Dance Competition, another special attraction of the day was the contest between the Bunt families, who presented their dancing skills on the stage enthralled and applauded by guests and the audience. Finally, Niveditha and Ishanvi Hegde family emerged as the winner of the Bunts Family Dance Competition, second place was secured by Akshata, Anvi and Ravi Shetty family and Samyak and Samarth Suresh Shetty was announced as the third winning family of the Dance Competition.

A raffle draw was conducted by Land Trades and prizes were distributed to the winners.

Ashok Pakkala compered the programme with his good command of the Tulu language which was appreciated. He was felicitated on behalf of the Bunts family, UAE.

The whole event which was meticulously planned and organized by the organizing committee was applauded and new organizing committee members were introduced to the audience. The new committee consists of Abhinandan & Sharadhi Shetty, Sunil & Harsha Shetty, Athma & Thripthi Rai, Gyanananda & Pramitha Shetty, Sumeet & Vineetha Shetty, Mahesh & Harshini Shetty, Shailesh & Sushma Shetty, Sandeep & Thripthi Rai were introduced to the audience.

Sarvotham Shetty delivered the vote of thanks.

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