Calicut Engineer Fayis A Ali Stops in Mluru on his Bicycle Journey from Kerala-London

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Calicut-based Engineer Fayis Ashraf Ali Stops in Mangaluru on his Bicycle Journey from Kerala-London, as part of his 30,000 km long trip in order to raise awareness on Fitness and Healthcare. The 34-year-old was welcomed in Mangaluru by oral Maxillofacial surgeon Dr P N Ramaraj on behalf of Cycling Fraternity of Mangaluru, namely Mangalore Bicycling Club, and WeR Cycling Club

Mangaluru: It is believable when a cyclist takes a solo trip from Kerala to Delhi, or a Kudla cyclist on a solo journey from Mangaluru to Kanyakumari- but would anyone be surprised to hear about a solo cycle trip from Kerala to London? This story will tell you about Fayis Ashraf Ali who continues to travel on his bicycle journey even as those who listen put their fingers in their noses. He is on a mission to bring awareness to peace, Fitness and Healthcare, which will be part of his 30,000 km journey from Kerala to London, reaching in 450 days.

The journey was flagged off by V Sivankutty, Kerala General Education and Labour Minister from Thiruvananthapuram on Independence Day, 15 August 2022, and the minister said that this yatra will become a great event that will strengthen adventure and brotherhood. As part of India’s 75th Independence Day celebrations, “Azadika Amrut Mahotsav”, Fayis is crossing two continents on his cycle with the support of Rotary International under the leadership of Team Eco Wheelers with the message that the countries of the world should work in mutual love.

Fayis is a member of Sun Rise Club of Calicut Rotary, and hails from Thalakkulathur in Kozhikode district of Kerala, and is the son of late Ashraf and Fauzia. Married to Dr Azmin Fayis, he is the proud father of Fazeen Umer and Lisin Nahlum. The expedition was also co-launched in Kochi by Jennifer E Johnson, president of Rotary International. Fayis, who was a Viproi employee, resigned from his lucrative IT job for his passion to spread awareness about various social issues by taking up this great initiative. The 34-year-old engineer was welcomed in Mangaluru by oral surgeon Dr Ramaraj P N., also a cyclist member of Mangalore Bicycle Club, Mangalore Cycling Club and WeR Cycling Club. Fayis was also felicitated by Rotary Club-Mangalore North, and Rotary Club of Baikampady, and his one-day stay and food were sponsored by local Rotarians.

Ali’s ride is a US-made Surly Disk Trucker which is sponsored by a UAE-based travel and luggage accessories company ParaJohn, and Emirate First Dubai company is the supporting sponsor of the trip, as they do not get visas in Pakistan and China, those countries are excluded from Fayis trip. His journey is also in collaboration with Malayalam Mission, Norka Roots, Kerala Tourism, and Kerala Heart Foundation. Today, 6 September he has reached Kumta, from there he will travel through Goa and after reaching Mumbai by bicycle, he will take a flight to reach Oman and from there he will pass through UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, Georgia and Turkey and then return to Europe/London by bicycle.

Fayis A Ali seen with Mangaluru oral surgeon & Cyclist Dr Ramaraj P N., a member of Mangalore Bicycle Club, Mangalore Cycling Club and WeR Cycling Club

In 2019, Fayis travelled from Kozhikode to Singapore. Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Thailand. He reached Singapore by cycling 8000 kilometres via Malaysia for 104 days. Campaigning for the ‘End Polio Now’ programme of Rotary mission, promoting conflict resolution and peacebuilding, educating the public on the grand literary heritage of the Malayalam language and promoting ‘go green’ and anti-drug campaigns on college campuses are some of his other objectives during the trip.

Speaking to Team Mangalorean he said, “I left my job as a networking engineer in 2016 to take care of my father Ashraf, who had a cardiac ailment. That was when I developed an interest in cycling. I lost my father in 2018. I believe that cycling can maintain cardiac health. I cover an average distance of 90 to 100 km daily. My plan is to cover 35 countries, 500 destinations, 150 schools and 25 universities”. On his way from Kerala to Mangaluru, he visited many educational institutions, interacted with students on issues pertaining to Fitness and healthcare, and will continue to have interactions with student groups during the rest of his journey. He also hopes to get in touch with various voluntary organisations, socio-cultural organisations, and youth groups.



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