California: Saudi prince Al-Saud arrested on charge of sexual assault

California(DC): Saudi prince Majed Abdulaziz Al-Saud has been arrested in California for allegedly forcing a woman to perform oral sex on him in his mansion in Beverly Hills. The incident came to light after the prince’s neighbour claimed he saw a bleeding woman trying to escape the Prince’s estate whilst screaming in pain for help.

The eyewitness who is the neighbour of the prince told the LA Times that he saw a bleeding woman desperately trying to climb the 8-foot-high walls of the Prince’s mansion.

While diplomats and royals enjoy immunity in the United State, the LA police said that the prince does not have immunity in this case. The twenty-nine-year-old was arrested on Wednesday but was soon released on $300,000 bond the very next day.

Los Angeles police interrogated Al-Saud’s household and his staff and close to twenty people were escorted out of the Beverly Hills estate for questioning.

During the course of their investigation, several other women alleged that Al-Saud has sexually assaulted them. The police is now probing the new charges that have surfaced against the prince.

The other alleged sexual attacks took place in Al-Saud’s 2500 block of Wallingford Drive in Beverly Glen. The prince was detained on suspicion of false imprisonment and sexual assault. He is scheduled to appear in court October 19.

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No one is above Law in US at least
Well done US.


No one is above Law in US at least..Well done US. Kisnoo Dear Krishna, if you have read articles on this despicable fellow, his stooges posted a bond of 300K USD and he promptly DISAPPEARED by a Pvt. Jet… you know to where… Aadu Jeevitham.. our Sir Rampa’jis Fav place where the CREAM of US & European companies are leading – Aadu Jeevitham… while MINTING billions. And hey, this is not JUST from the day before yesterday! And please do some research about how the US has turned a BLIND eye about the atrocities committed by those ‘royals’/’semi-royals’ whatever! AND… Read more »


The Al Saud family have used oil money to corrupt the American political class. This Saudi Prince might yet avoid the judgement of the American justice system. Members of the Bin Laden family were spirited out of America the day after 9/11. The Bush family has close ties to many members of the Saudi royal family. It is horrifying to think what goes on in Morocco and Egypt when the Saudi royal family goes on vacation to those countries where the police and the judiciary can be bought.

Joe D'Souza

These Royal People behead common Men in Adultery Case and stone to death Women in same case, in Saudi Arabia. These same Royal People enjoy outside Saudi Arabia in US and other Countries of EU.


This is not the first time that a Saudi/Middle Eastern Price has broken the law in the US or in other countries around the world, but to the best of my knowledge no one was ever punished. Several times over the years we hear that these guys were arrested and released on bail, after that there was a news black out.

Hence, I’m not sure if any of the ME Sheikhs/Prince’s were ever prosecuted anywhere around the world till date. What a travesty of justice.


This is not the first time that a Saudi/Middle Eastern Price has broken the law in the US or in other countries around the world, but to the best of my knowledge no one was ever punished. – Mr. Jay Now, while I harbor no sympathies towards some ME ‘princes’ or whatever despicable stuff they indulge in, we MUST address HOW the US has broken International Law on many an occasion. HOW can they ‘punish’? When the ‘Aadu Jeevitham’ chaps were THE numero uno chaps involved in 9/11/2001, WHY didn’t our Rampa’s BoddaNNA go after them? Simple… the aadu can… Read more »

Original R.Pai

I had posted the same story yesterday on this forum hoping to wake up those illiterates who are totally clueless and spend all of their time attacking Modi. How come sharia shaikh is not commenting on this story when he has all the time to blame mangaluru infrastructure issues on Modiji? LOL I wouldn’t be surprised if he finds this Prince to be innocent. After all, these are all acts of god in the eyes of these delusional, anti-intellectual crowd!! LOL


Law is always for the rich. What is termed “mistake” in Saudi Arabia, they go and do it in US & EU countries. With the money power they get off easily due to the ties they have with the local govt. It I sad that law is been differentiated between rich and the poor. Who dares to stand and raise the voice against such riches ??

Nelson Lewis

Mr. Vinayak, Saudi Arabia is amongst the worst countries to live and that is why many advanced countries consider it to be a hardship zone and provide extra allowances to their diplomats. However, though Saudis lack intelligence and are considered to be the second laziest people in the world, they are arrogant and discourteous due to piles of petro-dollars that the Almighty God has provided them. That is why Americans do not want to topple the boat, because they know from which side their bread is buttered. Though Saudis have a smalled armed forced that are poorly trained and lacking… Read more »

Nelson Lewis

Please the third word in the first line in the last para as “puritanical”. Sorry for the goof-up.