Capt Vincent Pais Elected President of CASK for the SECOND Term- 2022-2024

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Capt Vincent Pais Elected President of CASK for the SECOND Term- 2022-2024

Mangaluru: At the Annual General Body Meeting of The Catholic Association of South Kanara (CASK) held on Sunday, 18 September 2022 at St Agnes College Hall, Bendore, Mangaluru, Capt VINCENT PAIS, who served as the President of CASK from 2020-22 was elected unopposed for the SECOND TERM for the year 2022-2024.

Capt VINCENT PAIS -President of CASK for 2022-24

Other Board Members elected for the term 2022-24 of CASK are:

Vice President (1) – Dr Rohan S. Monis
Vice President (2) Rtn Archibald Menezes
Secretary-Dr Anand Pereira
Joint Secretary- Mrs Gulobi D’Souza
Treasurer- Norbert Shenoy


Ms Joan Lobo
Ms Ratna Pinto
Ms Charlotte Pinto
Dr Libert Anil Gomes
Vincent D’Souza
Dr Caren DSouza
Eric Lobo
Ms Olivia Pereira
Mrs Trisha DSouza
Dane D’Souza


The Catholic Association of South Kanara (CASK) which was established on 19 July 1914 has done yeomen service in the field of Education and Health Care, in erstwhile South Kanara (DK & Udupi districts) in the last 108 years. CASK has been implementing many impactful charitable and community service projects, particularly in the last decade.

CASK was managed by a band of leaders known for their intellectual eminence, high integrity and driven by altruism. They had their working titles – like President/ Vice president, Secretary and Editor – but many were eligible to be queen bees, but functioned as worker bees to further the interest of the community and the welfare of the poor and needy. Even though CASK was founded in 1914, it was not until July 1927, when the Association was thirteen years of age, that it launched its monthly magazine, ‘MANGALORE’, which still exists and reaches Catholic Mangaloreans worldwide.

The Major projects include the Personality Development Program for students (more than 5,450 students benefited); Teacher Enrichment Programme (more than 845 teachers benefited); Footwear for barefoot students (more than 5,000 pairs given); Installation of safe drinking water units (13 units installed in rural schools and Institutes); Home for the Homeless (5 homes sponsored); promotion of blood, organs & body cadaveric donations and Annual Scholarships.

CASK provides Scholarships under three categories (1) from Endowment Funds; (2) from ‘Covid Support’ funds to marginalized families affected by covid deaths of one or both parents; (3) Regular Annual Scholarships; The main criteria for granting scholarships in NOT ‘merit or marks’ but the low financial status and problems faced in terms of family issues (Father/Mother deceased, Single parent, daily wage earner, domestic workers, parent suffering from major diseases). The beneficiaries are selected irrespective of Caste, Creed or Religion.

CASK also operates and manages the following Endowments for granting Annual Scholarships from the interest accrued, as desired by the donors of the Fund: 1) Franklin Mathias Endowment Fund; 2) Judith Brown Endowment 3) Cuthbert & Juliet Pinto Endowment; 4) Marigold Endowment; 5) Ladislaus B.Aranha Endowment; 6) Joe Pereira Scholarship Fund; 7) Olivia Pereira Scholarship Fund, and 8) Late Jerome & Ms Iris Pinto Endowment;


CASK has been granting Annual Scholarships for deserving students each year, towards Books, Extra coaching and transport. In 2021-2022, the number of scholarships granted under this head has increased to 111 beneficiaries. CASK received Two Hundred and Fifty applications and CASK has sanctioned a total amount of Rs.11, 20,000/- to these 111 applicants, averaging approximately Rs.10,000/- to each student.


Since last year (2021-22), CASK established a separate Fund to grant scholarships to students from marginalized families affected by (a) covid deaths of one or both parents; (b) members of the family affected by covid hospitalization or job losses; CASK conducted a Survey of all 225 parishes of Mangalore, Udupi and Chikmagalur dioceses and granted scholarships to 34 students.

This year (2022-23) they are granting scholarships to 30 students under this category, with a total outlay of Rs 6,30,000/-.TOTAL SCHOLARSHIP AMOUNT DISBURSED THIS YEAR 17.5 LAKHS (Seventeen Lakhs Fifty Thousand). CASK is thus catering to the needs of the community in an impactful way, within their limited resources.

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