Care For One That’s Love, Care For Few That’s Family, Care For Hundreds That’s NURSING!

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Care For One That’s Love, Care For Few That’s Family, Care For Hundreds That’s NURSING! I AM PROUD TO BE A NURSE

Mangaluru: I am Anusha Rebello hailing from Puttur, currently working as Staff Nurse at Father Muller Hospital-Thumbay. I completed my nursing studies at Srinivas College. Let me narrate my experience as a NURSE, which is a NOBLE PROFESSION. I chose this profession and I love almost every minute of it. It is a great honour to be a nurse. As a nurse, I have many responsibilities, where I need to build relationships with patients, communicate effectively and learn how best we can treat the person based on their personal needs and values.

I chose this nursing profession of my own will and it seemed like a stable job that also made a big difference in people’s life. After starting working as a Nurse, I realized it was hard work but it was also very rewarding. I felt happy to see the smiling faces of patients during the time of their discharge from the hospital. As a Nurse, we will be surrounded by Challenges. So much to do and so little time, but we will carry Immense Responsibilities. Sometimes we don’t get time to celebrate festivals or attend family functions because of our responsible duties.

Everyday we make a difference in peoples’ lives through our care and love. In someone’s life no matter how Big or Small, we give our Patients the Ability to Live their Lives to the Fullest. This Is a Great Privilege, and we should not take it lightly. Today more than ever before Nurses play a very important role in the care of patients of all ages. I worked In Covid ICU during the Pandemic. I saw patients were not allowed to talk , meet their loved ones as a protocol to prevent spread of infection. There were Challenges while providing Care .We were In PPE’s throughout the duty period. It was frustrating at times, but we continued our work as a nurse.

But as a nurse, my work was to console and provide psychological support to ease their worries and make them feel comfortable. In that situation our hospital management supported us. As a student, we learnt so many skills and techniques. Now as bedside nurses we put into practice what we have learnt. Nursing offers us so many areas to practice in. The most rewarding thing about being a nurse is making a difference in the lives of others. Being a nurse we know that every day we will touch a life or a life will touch ours. As a nurse, we have the opportunity to heal the mind, souls, hearts and bodies of our patients, their families and ourselves. They may forget our name but they will never forget how we made them feel.

A Nurse will have the most rewarding job in the world. You don’t build a house without its foundation, you don’t build a hospital without its nurses. I am proud to be a nurse. Thank you. Happy Nurses Day 2022!

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Miss Anusha Rebello hailing from Puttur having completed her Nursing studies at Srinivas Nursing College, is currently a STAFF NURSE at Father Muller Hospital-Thumbay

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