CAUTION! Dangerous Steep Turn on Maroli-Padil Road a DEATH TRAP for MOTORISTS

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CAUTION! Dangerous Steep Turn on Maroli-Padil Road a DEATH TRAP for MOTORISTS

Mangaluru: This is one of the busiest roads in the City, where traffic in large numbers including oil tankers, trucks among other light and heavy vehicles use this Maroli-Padil road, which has a couple of death traps which has gone unattended and turned a blind eye against them by the NHAI authorities. The officials of the National Highways Authority of India have not been able to find a concrete solution to an unscientific turn near Padil (Kembar Padil Cross), which continues to be a death trap for motorists. The steep curve on both sides witnesses at least one small/major accident every week, according to locals. Even after a few accidents, NHAI Officials are negligent of this Steep Turn on Maroli- Padil Road, a death trap for motorists, having caused few accidents and deaths in recent times.

On 6 December 2020, a young biker Manvith, 22, a resident of Neermarga died after he lost control over his vehicle and rammed into a road median and crashed under a container lorry. The victim was riding to Nanthur from Padil. He lost control over his bike at a turn near Maroli and the bike rammed into the road median. He was thrown to the other side of the road due to the impact and was crushed under an oncoming container lorry. The next day, another road user’s bike skidded and he had received minor injuries on the face. Seven years ago, two persons on a bike who were rushing to the railway station were crushed under a vehicle that supplies midday meals.

“Accidents both minor/major at this curve is an everyday thing for us. Over the years, we have seen many accidents which involve death, severe/minor injury and vehicle damage after it topples. The reason is that, speeding motorists especially new to the route fail to judge steep bends and result in accidents,” explains a middle-aged man who lives on that stretch of the road, and who has witnessed several incidents in the past one decade and lives a few metres away from the spot. “Many a time my family has hospitalized or given primary treatment to victims,” he said, adding that the least NHAI can do is install warning signs on both sides.

Yet another elderly lady who resides close by near the deadly spot said “We are always at the receiving end due to the faulty design of the road which results in frequent accidents. There are minor to major accidents witnessed every day for the past several years. Yet no action has been initiated so far. Whenever there is an accident, especially that of motorists, I go and provide them with water and first aid. The steep curve on both sides witnesses at least one small/major accident every week”.

Even though people’s representatives have been demanding NHAI to make some changes but it hasn’t materialised to date. It is learnt that Roopashree, the area ward corporator who had met the NHAI officials, requested them to install speed breakers to avoid accidents, but her plea was turned down, due to certain issues. “Their answer to our request wasn’t satisfying. They said the motorists pay road taxes; let us not slow down their vehicle speed by installing a speed breaker,” Roopashree had told the media. The corporator also said that NHAI officials have said that they cannot find a solution as roads cannot be widened and no land is available. Therefore, it looks like the NHAI officials are not concerned about motorists’ lives, but are only greedy with the tax money paid by motorists. Bah humbug!

The corporator had said that a meeting with MP Nalin Kumar Kateel and NHAI officials also did not materialize until now. Without naming persons, she had also said that some shopkeepers who are situated close to the spot are influencing officials not to take up any road widening where they will lose their shops. This morning (12 February) Team Mangalorean witnessed a two-wheeler rider who was about to skid and ram into the median at the same spot where a few accidents have taken place, but he luckily managed to control his sporty bike and saved his life. Hope this report will awaken the concerned authorities of NHAI, and quickly come up with preventive measures in order to save the lives of motorists wading through this stretch of Maroli-Padil road – thanking you in anticipation.

Residents living near Padil (Kembar Padil Cross) continue to live in fear due to the unscientific design and sharp turn here that is causing minor to fatal accidents, mostly toppling of vehicles. The latest incident occurred on Wednesday early morning when a coal-laden heavy truck toppled and blocked the road.

According to residents, the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) is aware of the turn, but it has not yet come up with any solution to rectify it.

The NHAI has not been able to find a concrete solution to the unscientific turn that continues to be a death trap for motorists.

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