Central Market Demolition Going…Going…STOPPED! Stay Order in HC filed by Traders Association

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Central Market Demolition Going…Going…STOPPED! Stay Order in HC filed by Traders Association


: With all these STAY ORDERS filed by merchants/shop owners of Central Market for so many years, it seems like the construction of the Rs 130 crore State-of-the-Art new Central Market will not be a dream come true for a long ..long..time! While the Mangaluru City Corporation had already started the demolition process on Wednesday and had completely razed down all the shops in the inner portion of the market, however, while the demolition of the outer building part where a bunch of shops are in business, a stay order in High Court had been filed by a few traders, and as of now the demolishing work has been stopped for the timing.

It is learnt that on Thursday, the High Court has ordered Mangaluru city Corporation Commissioner NOT to demolish any more of the central Market building. It is learnt that a petition was filed by M Ganesh Anchan, one of the traders in that building, the Court stayed the MCC’s order dated 4 April 2021, and directed the MCC Commissioner NOT to demolish the building. However, without giving any intimation to the shop owners, MCC went ahead and started demolishing the building, which angered the traders. At present, the shop owners on the outer side of the building have started moving their products out of their shops.

State-of-the-Art Rs 130 Crore Central Market to be Build under MSCL -PPP Model

Speaking to Team Mangalorean, Hassan Kemminje-the President of Central Market Shop Owners Association said, “Through our advocate Lethif B in Bengaluru, we have filed a stay order in the Court. Our advocate had argued in the Court that MCC had not made any alternative arrangements for traders, who had been conducting business in that building for decades. Besides, the MCC had also not revealed whether the traders who had occupied the old building, will be rehabilitated in the new market, once it opens. Therefore we have gone to the Court for the stay order until MCC assures us of providing suitable arrangements etc”. Petitioners are M Ganesh Anchan, Naresh Nayak, Dhanraj, B A Moideen, Sachin Shankar Magadum, M I Arun -all traders of the Central Market, and the Respondents are- The State of Karnataka, DK-Deputy Commissioner, MCC Commissioner, Mangaluru Police Commissioner and Mangaluru North Police Station House Officer.

Finally MCC Wins the Battle! Old Central Market Bldg Demolished to Make Way for State-of-the-Art New Market

Meanwhile, former MLC and AICC Secretary Ivan D’Souza had visited the Market after the inner portion of the building was totally demolished and interacting with the traders said that MCC should never have had demolished the market building without making alternative arrangements for hundreds of traders. Ivan also had contacted MCC Commissioner Akshy Sridhar, DK Deputy Commissioner Dr K V Rajendra, and district minister-in-charge Kota Srinivas Poojary and appealed to them to make alternative arrangements for the traders. Ivan also urged minister Kota to release compensation to the traders whose shops were demolished on Wednesday. So as of now, MCC has stopped the demolition process for the timing until they hear more from the Court.

Former MLC Ivan D’souza interacting with the traders of Central Market

MCC Commissioner Akshy Sridhar speaking to Team Mangalorean over the phone said, “The traders might have filed a petition in the High Court for the stay order, but we have not received any communication from the Court. However, for the time being, we have decided to stop the demolition process, and wait till what the Court directs us to do. While everyone is complaining that we had not made any alternative arrangements, I want to make it clear that arrangements were made for these traders at a temporary market near football ground at a cost of Rs 5.2 Crore, but the project was dropped out since the football association members had gone to the HC to stop the construction, and the Court favoured on their part. Further decisions will be made during a meeting to be held soon”.



If everything goes according to the plan, the Central Market with the fish market will be rebuilt under Mangaluru Smart City Limited’s (MSCL) Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model on Design Build Finance Operation Transfer (DBFOT). Defining A Public-Private Partnership (PPP, 3P, or P3)-it is a cooperative arrangement between two or more public and private sectors, typically of a long-term nature. In other words, it involves an arrangement between a unit of government and a business that brings better services or improves the city’s capacity to operate effectively. Because PPPs are a cooperative between government and the private sector, they are an example of multi-stakeholder governance. PPPs are closely related to concepts such as privatization and the contracting out of government services.

There is no consensus about how to define a PPP. The term can cover hundreds of different types of long-term contracts with a wide range of risk allocations, funding arrangements, and transparency requirements. The advancement of PPPs as a concept and a practice is a product of the new public management of the late 20th century and globalization pressures. Despite there being no formal consensus regarding a definition, the term has been defined by major entities. Anyways, a full-fledged market complex at the Central Market area has been a long pending demand of Mangaluru.

The market will be developed at a total cost of nearly Rs 130 crore. The proposed Central Market complex will have a separate space for the retail sale of vegetables, fruits, flowers, fish and meat. The complex will also have a separate space for commercial establishments and office premises as well. A total amount of Rs 5.25 crore was earmarked to construct a temporary market but that project was stopped due to the stay order from the High court. The Central Market before shifting to APMC Yard in Baikampady had 597 shops, operating the wholesale and retail business.

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  1. Unnecessary politics and stay orders. Most of shop keepers here were Benamis of politicians. It is scared even to go into this dilapidated building with high tension wires out to grab one’s neck from nowhere. Its hightime building is demolished. Else it is sure to cause electrocution of consumer and people having set shop here

  2. Nonsense stay orders. Demolish as soon as possible, and construct spacious building with all amenities to public, such as ample parking, clean washrooms etc.

  3. Do as soon as possible this demolition, and construct a new one. I like to c the new market. Meanwhile do some necessary arrangements for the traders also.

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