‘Centre for Leadership & Social Development’ Launched in Memory of Late Dr Olinda Pereira 

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‘Centre for Leadership & Social Development’ Launched in Memory of Late Dr Olinda Pereira 

  •  ‘Centre for Leadership & Social Development’ Launched in Memory of Late Dr Olinda Pereira, the Founder Principal of Roshni Nilaya at School of Social Work-Roshni Nilaya,Valencia, Mangaluru on Tuesday, 2 February 2021.

Mangaluru : In loving and grateful memory of the contributions made by Dr. Olinda Pereira (15-08- 1925 to 31-05-2020), the Founder Principal of School of Social Work, Roshni Nilaya, Mangaluru towards Professional Social Work, a Trust, namely, ‘CENTRE FOR LEADERSHIP AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT’ Trust in memory of late Dr Olinda Pereira had been formed and registered on 06-11-2020, the Diamond Jubilee Year of the establishment of School of Social Work, Roshni Nilaya. The Founding Trustees are the former students of Dr Olinda Pereira – S. N. Gopinath, Bhima Rao and Ravichandra Bekal who after the demise of Dr Olinda Pereira on 31-05- 2020 sent a proposal dated 10.6.2020 to the Management of Roshni Nilaya to form a Trust in memory of Dr Olinda Pereira.

From then the three founding trustees have worked diligently towards forming the Trust by obtaining Registration and other financial documents. The Provincial, Daughters of the Heart of Mary, India Province South, The President, The Institute of Social Service, Roshni Nilaya, The Principal, School of Social Work, Roshni Nilaya as well as the President, Roshni Alumni Association Dheeraj Shetty, Mangaluru and the President, Roshni Alumni Association, Bangalore Chapter are the Trustees.

Some of the objectives of the Trust are to foster the initiatives which bring forth and keep alive the ideals practiced and cherished by Dr Olinda Pereira – “Love is made fruitful in service”, to encourage and develop value-based Leadership, to encourage and undertake action-oriented Social Research and Publications as well as Social Development programs and activities that Dr Olinda Pereira believed in, such as Gender Diversity and Empowerment, helping the needy and deserving, being the voice of the voiceless, care of the Elderly and other areas she had focused on.

Some of the Action-Oriented Programmes envisaged are: Scout Talent among Social Work students (Medical & Psychiatric Social Work, Community Development, Juvenile Delinquency, Correctional Administration, Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management), NGOs, Young Professionals, and faculty Promote Value-Based Leadership in the above-mentioned settings, Promote research and publications.

In this context, the Inaugural Ceremony of the newly established Trust was held on Tuesday, 2nd February 2021 at 10.00 am at Maria Paiva Hall, School of Social Work, Roshni Nilaya keeping to the Covid-19 protocol prevailing at that point of time. Isaac Vas, President, Kanara Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mangaluru inaugurated the Trust joined by the founder Trustees and Dr. Rita Noronha, Professor Emeritus, School of Social Work, Roshni Nilaya, Mangaluru, faculty, G N Gopinath, Bhima Rao and Ravichandra Bekal- all three Founder trustees, Ms Philomena D’sa- Provincial- Daughterr of Heart of Mary Congregation, Ms Veeda Sequeira – President, Institution of Social service; Dr Juliet C J-Princip[al- Roshni Nilaya; Dr Jenis Mary- Vice Principal, Roshni Nilaya; Professor Eveleen Benis, Secretary, Institute of Social Service, Roshni Nilaya; alumni and student representatives, among others.

The programme began with invoking God’s blessings through a prayer song “Indescribable” , an original song by Chris Tomlin sung by Roshni Nilaya Choir, followed by a welcome address by Ms Veda Sequeira. Following a PPT about Dr Olinda, a briefing on Centre for Leadership and Development was done by alumnus of Roshni Nilaya- S N Gopionath and Bhima Rao. The trustees Mr. S N Gopinath and Mr .Bhima Rao highlighted that the Trust will foster the initiatives which bring forth and keep alive the ideals practiced and cherished by Dr. Olinda Pereira – “Love is made fruitful in service”, to encourage and develop value-based Leadership, to encourage and undertake action oriented Social Research and Publications as well as Social Development programs and activities that Dr. Olinda Pereira believed in, such as Gender Diversity and Empowerment, helping the needy and deserving, being the voice of the voiceless, care of the Elderly and other areas she had focused.

The inauguration of the Centre/Programme was done by the Chief guest along with all the dignitaries on the dais, following which the unveiling of the portraits of Maria Pavade de Couceiro- the Pioneer of DHM ( 14.10.1907-13.11.2000) and Dr Olinda Pereira- Founder Principal of Roshni Nilaya (15-08- 1925 to 31-05-2020). Dr Jenis Mary briefed about the souvenir brought in memory of Dr Olinda Pereira,which was later released by the chief guest. In his inaugural address, Isaac Vas said, “It is appreciable to note that the Alumni of the College has initiated the Centre. This shows how grateful these past students of the School of social work are to their Alma Mater. The School of Social Work has been reckoned as one of the best in the world. It is recognised all over the world by the standards that it has set. It has achieved world-class status due to the vision and leadership of Dr Olinda Periera the founder Principal of the College. And it is a befitting honour to start a trust with such noble motives in Memory of this great person”.

“The Pandemic has brought out the BEST in us and the WORST in us. I wish to give you both examples of the BEST and the worst so that we are aware :

Since the lockdown came suddenly without any warning, food was in short supply, particularly for the marginalised families’ of daily wage workers. We saw excellent leadership that provided enough and more food supplies to the needy. People had shared whatever they had with the have-nots even though they did not know what the future held for them. This is an example of the BEST that came out of the Pandemic and lockdown. Health workers irrespective of the danger to their life started treating patients – that was the BEST in us” added Vas.

“I wish to give you one example of the WORST in us: The district of Kasargod is our neighbouring district. We always regarded them as part of our state. We have gone to the extent of telling that the entire district should be part of Karnataka. The people of Kasargod district were one of the highest spenders in our Mangaluru. Our doctors and hospitals have been taking care of their health care for decades. But we suddenly disowned our brothers from across the border and never allowed them in, even in case of emergencies. We turned out to be fair-weather friends to our brothers and sisters from across the border. This was the WORST in us”.

“Lack of thinking. Lack of good leaders can bring out the WORST in us. On the other hand, good leadership can bring out the BEST in us. KCCI was founded in 1940, and the school of social work was founded in 1960. From the day I was invited to be here with you – the only question that has repeatedly been coming up in my mind was: why did we not think of collaborating with the school of social work all these years. Our goals are the same. While you are an organisation looking at the community’s social development, the Chamber looks after developing industries and trade in Mangaluru. While you look at Career guidance, Industrial relations, correctional administration, we look at Development of Entrepreneurship, particularly women entrepreneurship, correctional administration in industries notably Micro, Small and Medium enterprises“.

“We may be in different boats, but we are both in the same storm. As a President of KCCI, I welcome and call the trustees of the Centre for leadership and Social Development to join hands with the Chamber to provide this positive leadership for our community, particularly in Dakshina Kannada District. We had a very dynamic Deputy Commissioner Sasikant Sentil who resigned from IAS when he was serving in Mangaluru. One day when we invited him to the chamber, he remarked: “I have traveled all over the country, but Mangaluru has all the qualities to become a city-state, and you should work with the Government to make this dream come true”. For that to happen, we need good leaders in politics and all spheres of activities that our city witnesses”.

Chief Guest Isaac Vas- President, Kanara Chamber of Commerce & Industry

“We have to pay particular attention to reversing Brain Drain. In a recent survey conducted by the chamber, 96% of Mangaloreans working away from home have expressed their desire to return to Mangaluru & work from here. The chamber has taken the lead and is striving to set up an IT Park to attract our talent back home. Mangaluru has abysmal representation in civil services. Recently, St Aloysius College had commenced a civil services examination coaching centre. While appreciating such moves, the chamber is pleased that the School of Social Works is keen to build future leaders for our city, our state and our country.

KCCI has brought its leadership qualities to the fore by establishing an Alternative Dispute Centre; a quick and cost-effective non-adversarial way of settling disputes. With courts unable to provide swift justice efficiently (there are over 3.4 crs cases in all courts all over India, which should require 70000 judges to sort them out) the Chamber has stepped in to take up the task of providing a forum along with a panel of Arbitrations to resolve cases quickly without much strain on your pockets”
“The Chamber over the years has been paying particular attention to Women Entrepreneurship. KCCI has endeavoured to encourage women to get into the business & break many glass ceilings. The chamber’s efforts have provided an ecosystem where experts guide women in becoming successful in their venture.
Mangalore is turning to be a crowded city. If attention is not paid to its transport system, it will be another population mass of confusion. Therefore, the chamber has joined hands with the DK Bus Owners Association to work out a feasible mass transport system that will benefit commuters and attract people to forsake their two-wheelers and four-wheelers and take to the bus system. That my dear friends are in a nutshell the activities where the Chamber is taking a leadership role.

I would like to assure you that KCCI exists to provide quality service to improve the industry and improve the citizens of this lovely city’s quality of life. KCCI is ever willing to lend you a helping hand whenever you need one” concluded Isaac Vas.

In her felicitation speech Dr Rita Noronha spoke highly of Dr Olinda Pereira that she was a visionary leader, inspiring person, compassionate, and always smiling. “Dr Olinda was the backbone of Roshni Nilaya, and her qualities and love towards this institution will always be remembered. And therefore the alumnus has decided to give back to their Alma mater. The Roshni Alumni Association has played a vital role in starting this Centre, and also for the growth and development of Roshni Nilaya. Sadly, today humanity and the planet is in danger, when there is lots of inequality, which has brought injustice in the society. Therefore a strong leadership is needed to uproot these issues. Sustaining humanity during the present time is the need of the hour. Glad that I am associated with Roshni Nilaya with most of their activities, and I feel proud of it”.

In her presidential address Provincial of DHM Ms Philomena D’sa said, “Today is indeed a memorable day with triple occasions- Institution day. Diamond Jubilee of Roshni Nilaya, and Inauguration of Centre for Leadership and Development. We should feel proud in the last 60 years this institution has reached milestones and reached greater heights. I appreciate the efforts put in by the Roshni Alumni Association is starting this CENTRE and a Trust. Their gesture and good thoughts need to be appreciated. Even many alumni have assured to give back to their alma mater. We should also be proud to note that Roshni Nilaya founded by Dr Olinda with just ONE student, has now attracted hundreds of students, grown to greater heights, even acknowledged by the government. We need to admire three beautiful qualities of Dr Olinda -they are : Commitment, Determination and Conviction. And to crown these three qualities is her LOVE. On this memorable day we need to pay respect to Dr Olinda Pereira for all that she has done for Roshni Nilaya”.

Prof Veeda Sequiera, President of the institute welcomed the gathering, Mr. Deeraj Shetty, President Roshni Alumni Association, Mangaluru Introduced the chief guest. Trustee Ravichandra Bekal delivered the vote of thanks. Professors of Roshni Nilaya Ms Shalini Prabhu and Ms Liyana Mary Joseph compered the event. Following the formal programme after a tea-break, there was a Webinar compered by Dr Malini Hebbar-a alumni of Roshni Nilaya, and webinar Resource person was Sudheesh Venkatesh, an H R in Azim Premji Foundation, Bengaluru. The introduction of the resource person was done by Ms Rosa Nimmy Mathew, a faculty at Roshni Nilaya. Following his speech, there was interaction with him by the audience, which ended with a vote of thanks by Ms Eveleen Benis, the secretary, Institute of Social Service.

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