Chamarajanagar tragedy: 13 families who lost members due to O2 shortage yet to receive compensation

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Chamarajanagar tragedy: 13 families who lost members due to O2 shortage yet to receive compensation

Bengaluru: Out of 37 families, who lost members due to reported oxygen shortage at Karnataka’s Chamarajanagar District Covid Hospital during the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, 13 are yet to receive compensation.

The Chamarajanagar tragedy was reported in the midnight of May 2, 2021.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, the report of B.A. Patil, the Chairman of the government-appointed “unanimous” commission, has also not been disclosed till date.

Nine months have passed since due to oxygen shortage during the peak of the second Covid wave.

Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) President Abdul Majeed met the families of the victims in Bengaluru in this regard on Monday.

Later, he also submitted a memorandum to Governor Thawar Chand Gehlot, seeking Rs 50 lakh compensation for the victims’ families and government job to one of the family members of the deceased. Majeed also demanded action against “negligent” officers responsible for the tragedy.

“Out of the 37 families, who lost members due to Oxygen shortage during the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic, relief has been provided only to 24. The 13 families are outraged that they have not received any compensation,” he stated.

“More than 50 per cent of the victims belong to SC/ST communities. They are community workers. These poor families are worried about the education and future of their children. It is ironic that the ruling BJP government is irresponsible towards the victims,” he added.

Majeed said, “The struggle will be continued until justice is provided.”

Abear Ahmed, SDPI Chamarajanagar District president, National Secretary Alfonso Franco, State General Secretary Bhaskar Prasad, Afsar Kodlipete also met the victims’ families.

A committee constituted by the Karnataka High Court had found that 36 patients died in Chamarajanagar District Hospital due to a lack of oxygen during the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic.

However, then Deputy Chief Minister C.N. Ashwath Narayan denied finding the report. He maintained that the logistical issues and negligence of the hospital cannot be reflected as Oxygen shortage.

Report of the state-level committee of Karnataka State Legal Services Authority constituted by Karnataka HC showed that out of 62 deaths declared by the Chamarajanagar District Hospital between May 4 and May 10, 36 patients died due to non-availability of oxygen on the intervening nights of May 2 and May 3.

The incident had created outrage all over the state and shocked the country. It was also widely discussed in the Parliament.

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