Chandrayaan-3 has Sent the First Pictures of Mangaluru POTHOLES 

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Chandrayaan-3 has Sent the First Pictures of Mangaluru POTHOLES 

Mangaluru: Even after quite a few reports in electronic media, including and Print media, a few protests and a large number of complaints from the public and still these concerned officials have turned a blind eye towards the increasing potholes on the City Roads, National Highways and remote areas, putting the lives of the motorists and pedestrians in risk and hardships.

Just look at National Highway 66, it is nothing but a treacherous and unsafe NH to drive or ride on, which recently killed 69-year-old Titus Ferrao who was trying to avoid a pothole and was hit by a truck while riding his scooter. Similar has been the case with many riders, who might have not faced death, but have fallen, injured, got up and moved on because they feel by complaining there will be no positive results, instead they only could be blamed for being not attentive and careful. Bah, humbug!

The dangerous potholes near Nanthoor Junction and Bendoorwell Junction have become killer zones, where motorists especially two-wheeler riders are managing to pass on that stretch of the road with utmost care and caution, to not lose their precious lives, even though their elected representatives and other authorities don’t give a damn to their lives. I think the only way to stop these potholes from reappearing again and again, is to file a legal notice in the Court and put the concerned departments and officials liable and face the consequences or use them as commuters do in Western Countries, where they even sue for an injury or death due to a pothole or bad road for a few million dollars? And the best part is that the victims win the case with a lump sum of money- how cool!

But here as soon as complaints pour in or if the issue of potholes is highlighted on our web or other print media, the authorities will do nothing more than patchwork, which is bound to wear off in under 2-3 days or could be even within a day. They will undertake this work only when the PM or CM or other political honchos make their visit, as their lives are only more precious than the common people. The authorities failed to fix roads despite many accidents being reported. This time, we need to be vigilant, and closely monitor the work that will be undertaken on the city’s roads. We must do this lest the authorities fool us again. It does appear as if the VIPs’ visits are of greater importance to the authorities than the loss of innocent lives.

A New MCC Swimming Pool Inaugurated by MLA near Bendoorwell Junction …..

…….and one more near the entrance of St Aloysius PU College on Monday

Many times the public or activists are exasperated with being repeatedly fobbed off by the authorities with the excuse of potholes being fixed at the end of the rainy season. But when the rain stops, they claim that they are facing a shortage of tar. The poor condition of the roads is directly responsible for at least five to ten accidents, every day. We have enough technical know-how to understand that, if work is undertaken properly, the roads will last longer. If we are seeing so many craters/potholes right now, imagine what would be the fate of the City roads during the whole monsoon season. Is this how our elected representatives who were put into power by the voters, are concerned about the citizens? Surely not! Just look around the City, the City is laden with potholes after a few rain showers, imagine what the streets would be till the end of monsoon season.

The Treacherous Potholes near Nanthoor Junction! Drive or Ride with CAUTION, if you want to LIVE?

And the worst part is that the mega potholes appear over and over again each year at the same location, like Nanthhor junction, Bendoorwell Circle, and Bunder area, among other places. Even though we have summer, Monsoon and winter seasons, in Mangaluru we have a pothole season. Although it’s bad to drive on the main City streets, stricken with numerous potholes — similar problems have been experienced by Mangalureans driving on the side streets and lanes. It’s a treacherous time — It’s once again pothole season in Kudla. The City streets are decorated with potholes, and I bet between each mile there are chances that you’ll come across potholes. Mangaluru roads have started resembling the craters on the moon.

The members of the Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI) who protested on Monday said that it will launch a series of protests by blocking traffic on Mangaluru -Udupi and Mangaluru-Bengaluru national highways if the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) did not fill up potholes on the two highways between Surathkal and B.C. Road. Speaking at a protest at Baikampady Circle on National Highway 66, B.K. Imtiyaz, president of, the Dakshina Kannada unit of the DYFI, said that the NHAI should also resume the construction of the Kulur bridge work on NH 66. He said that the potholes on the B.C. Road – Surathkal stretch has emerged as a death trap for motorists, especially two-wheeler drivers. Though the NHAI has reserved funds for repairing the highways, the potholes have not been filled up.

A 69-year motorist named Titus Ferrao died on the spot in Panambur on July 18 when he slowed down his scooter to negotiate a crater and was hit by a lorry that was trailing his vehicle, he said. Imtiyaz alleged that the Member of Parliament Nalin Kumar Kateel and the MLA of Mangaluru City North Y Bharat Shetty are not bothered to ensure that the Kuluru bridge work resumes. He also said that the highway stretches between B C Road and Surathkal did not even have proper stormwater drains.

It happens again and again and again. Heavy rains, heavy traffic and alternating periods of weather have scarred local streets and the potholes pop up — and this has formed a worst-case scenario for repair crews who are struggling to find and fix all the emerging potholes. But are they doing the job right? I don’t think so. Throwing some loose stuff in a hole and just hoping the traffic driving over it will fix it, will not serve the purpose. The evidence now says otherwise. I think the only way to solve the current pothole mess is to lay a two-layered concrete road with a seal coat but the problem is, our authorities I bet our MCC officials are busy playing blame games.

As long as cheap quality tar is being used and layered too thinly, we will continue to have these problems every year. It’s an obvious pattern and I wonder why nobody is looking into this, or better yet, our city officials should visit other metropolitan cities in India or other countries and see how they are coping with this matter. Without any delay, MCC should undertake a major exercise to refurbish City’s potholes. If not, I have a feeling that our city’s potholed scarred roads will entice manufacturers of such equipment to come to Mangaluru and demonstrate to the MCC officials that their machines are the best solution to their problem, like they are doing in other potholed cities.

Driving on Mangaluru streets and for that matter, even on the outskirts of the City, is like an obstacle course. Drivers keep swerving and manoeuvring to make sure they miss every pothole. Incessant rains and pothole-ridden roads have left the city streets choked over the past few days. Every commuter in the City has nursed the after-effects of juddering over the hundreds of potholes of all shapes and sizes. The civic authorities’ desultory efforts to fill them only result in these craters reappearing sooner rather than later. Sometimes it’s dangerous for vehicles to pull out of the potholes promptly, particularly at night. These potholes have become a nuisance for motorists. Even some of the roads with potholes leading to major hospitals have become a major obstacle for ambulances too.

Potholes aren’t just a nuisance for drivers; they also constitute dangerous safety hazards that can produce substantial damage to vehicles, force drivers to veer suddenly in traffic, or even cause the driver to lose control of a vehicle after contact. The gaping streets can also damage a car’s alignment and suspension system. The city crews should take quick action to fix the potholes before they get deeper and worse — thereby avoiding severe driving hazards and vehicle damage.

So while waiting for these roads to be restored for a smooth ride, just brace yourself because it’s once again pothole season in Mangaluru. And for sure, the MCC authorities will not take any action, until a few two-wheelers get swallowed by some of these mega-potholes or one more death takes place. Until then bear with the potholes or curse someone at the Mangaluru City Corporation, Mangaluru Smart City Ltd or NHAI— and still keep driving safely.

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