Chefs – Masters of Fusion food in Mangalore

Ever fancied having an Italian pizza with a butter Chicken topping? Or an American Burger with a Chutney Base? Confused? Welcome to the World of FUSION FOOD!

Basically said to have started in the 1970?s by Wolfgang Puck who spearheaded the worldwide movement that is fusion cuisine, by blending European and Asian cuisines.

In Mangalore it is said to have been started by Vijay and Eugene the proud owners of ?Chefs?! We heard a lot from people that these guys were unmatched when it came to fusion food so we had to put them to the test!

The 3 hungry Men headed to the Mannagudda branch of Chefs known for their fusion as well as Thai specialties. We were welcomed by a pure white setup which was superbly done and gives you a pleasing ambience to dine in. Plus, their choice of music is those polite instrumental songs which is relaxing to listen to! A perfect place to dine we thought so!

As usual we were DYING OF HUNGER and it could be seen on our face, so we ordered for the 1st Thai item that was the Thai herb soup! This is any Thai lover?s dream soup!

Next up we wanted some fusion so we ordered the Chilli Chicken Footlong, Crispy Chicken Burger and Tandoori hotdog! We were extremely shocked with the unique fillings! But as we started biting away?. The sandwiches just disappeared into our tummies and we were still hungry for more fusion!

So the next fusion surprise was the Spicy Chicken Lasagne! This Italian dish is always known for its unique taste, but never had we tasted the same with spicy chicken! This dish is another awesome creation by CHEFS and we can swear by it! We even saw foreigners on the next table who ordered the same dish and they were all praise for this creation!

We never say never to mocktails, so we ordered for the Ice tea and Mojitos. These were some of the best drinks we ever tasted.

Next we had to try the sizzlers from the people who introduced sizzlers into Mangalore!

We had a mixed grill sizzler which is a mixture of chicken breast, lamb, seafood and various veggies tossed in different sauces! Then the Chargrilled sizzler and the Vietnamese Sizzler which is a limited edition specialty. The former had chicken breasts in various sauces served on a bed of mashed potatoes! And the latter was slightly spicy and served chicken, lamb and chicken and prawn satay on SUGARCANE SKEWERS! And yes u can eat the sugarcane skewer too (not kidding!)

We were in complete bliss after these never before seen sizzlers! So to recover we needed some desert!

We ordered the Quintessential Sizzling Brownie which was really awesome as usual! Next came the real surprise.. the Rasgulla sizzler and the Rasmalai sizzler! Both which were served on a bed of chocolate brownie and poured with chocolate sauce! This is what we called True Fusion.

This was more than enough for The 3 Hungry Men to rightly certify Chefs as ?THE KINGS OF FUSION!?

Try them if you love changes in your life! And we are certain that you will not be disappointed!
They are located at four places in Mangalore. At Kadri, Mannagudda, Attavar and Deralakatte. Chefs is also known for their food festivals like the Oriental and Sizzler fests. If you are a fan of original Italian food or Italian food with a tinge of Asian food, the Italian food festival is presently running till the 11th of September.

Chefs get the following ratings from us!

Ambience: 9.5/10
Food: 10/10
Service: 9/10
Value for money: 8.5/10
Location: 10/10

Author: Colin DSouza- Nikhil Pai- Rajat R