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‘Chicken Fest’ for Public as Birds Perish in Mishap!

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‘Chicken Fest’ for Public as Birds Perish in Mishap!

Karkala: Many households in and around Belmannu village are likely to enjoy chicken delicacies for some days.

It was a god-given opportunity for chicken-lovers as a vehicle transporting poultry from Shivamogga to Mangaluru went out of the control of its driver near Shri Lakshmi Janardan temple in Belmannu.

Hens in hundreds were either killed or injured in the incident. Passersby, especially on strolls for physical fitness, were taken aback by the gory scene.

However, for some opportunists, it was a free for all. Many people around made a kill by carrying the birds home to their hearts’ content, while no one seemed to bother if the driver was injured.

When asked, some of those who had picked a good catch said that, in any case, the birds would have been lying on the road until they rotted and it would have been a huge waste.

It would have caused stench and pollution too. Instead, at least, the ‘cleaning’ job was being done by the public, he added.

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  1. This report is very troubling for more than one reason. God-given opportunity?? It’s disgusting how humans don’t give a damn about dying animals/birds. Besides, these incidents question the overall morality of our society. This is not the first time we heard about ‘villagers’ walking away with items that don’t belong to them in the first place. It could be a vehicle transporting chicken or petrol or bus filled with passengers. Around 20 yrs ago, one of my friends was in a bus travelling from Mangaluru to Karkala that met with an accident. The ‘villagers’ who showed up at the scene were more interested in collecting wallets and other valuables than helping injured ones. We always talk about corruption and blame it all on political leaders. But,we as a society are corrupt to the core. Political leaders are just an extension of our own society reflecting our own values!!! This is the ugly reality that we don’t want to admit. Then you wonder why we continue to be a third world nation!!!!

  2. This is why India continues to be a third world while Jaaaapaaanaa…….” – Yumreeki RampaNNA

    Lol! JUST because you did padhrad to the US, do you think your genetic makeup becomes like that of the Whites or Japs? Does it change the FACT that you did indeed come from a 3rd world country?

    It looks like you love your newly adopted white masters MORE than you love your Indian RSS chaddi bros. Man.. get your act together, plz. AND to smash more Beefu pie on your silly mug, you keep harping about MY Phoreen meshtrugalum and how I hate India. What a joker, joke and applauding audience! 🙂

  3. “No one seemed to bother about the driver” ….not one, this is sad.

    Though Mangalore/India do have their share of caring people, it is pathetic and distressing to see how the overage man on the street reacts to an accident or a calamity. How can I gain from this? and what is in it for me?

    May God bless India….we need lots of it.

  4. It was shocking to hear that a truck carrying poultry collided at a village near Karkala, resulting in injury to driver and many birds being either killed or hurt. Instead of helping in the injured driver and also helping him to retrieve whatever poultry they could, they just take home whatever birds they could lay their hands on. Then, there are some people who brag about India’s rich heritage, culture and virtues.

    I agree with Original R. Pai that Japanese are honest people and during tsunami they did not steal anything. That is why I always stress that it is no use being pseudo-religious and indulge in all sorts of crimes and sins, but one should be God-fearing.

  5. On the electronic media, I went through 32 countries with the worst human right records and the first place is held by North Korea, second is Saudi Arabia, 3rd is Iran, 4th is Afghanistan, 5th is China and so on and so forth.

    In this list are countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, both the Sudans, Congo, Uganda, Chad, Central African Republic, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, etc.

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