Chief Minister Yediyurappa flags off ‘Krishi Sanjeevini’

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Chief Minister Yediyurappa flags off ‘Krishi Sanjeevini’

Bengaluru, (UNI): To provide technical assistance to Agriculture farmers time and again, Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa on Thursday flagged off ‘Krishi Sanjeevini’ mobile testing lab.

On the occasion, he called upon the farmers to make best use of the vehicle allotted to their Centre. In all 40 such vehicles were rolled out.

Stating that this testing mobile lab will help the farmers for testing soil, water and diseases, if any. It would submit a report to the Agriculture department for necessary actions. More such labs will be provided in the coming days across the state.

Minister for Agriculture B C Patil said it was a lab to land project and an ambulance-style siren was fitted to the farm’s Sanjeevani vehicle.

A total of 40 ‘Krishi Sanjeevini’ vehicles are being rolled out to farmers across the State, ranging from small districts to large ones. The Mobile Plant Health Clinic (Agrobiology), agricultural production and productivity depends on natural disasters such as erosion, overgrowth, cyclone, pest and disease, as well as soil fertility and other factors.

He said that the department’s priority is to provide farmers with information on improved agricultural production technology, supply of quality agricultural tools and adequate use of recommended fertilizers, pest and disease management, nutrients available in the soil, and encourage proper crop growth.

He said that the Mobile Plant Health Clinic (Agricultural Sanjeevani) Scheme is being implemented in all districts of the state to provide guidelines on pest, disease and weeds and control measures on soil nutrient deficiency and adequate management.

He said necessary steps have been taken to provide for establishment of 40 Traditional Plant Health Clinics in all districts under the National Agricultural Development Program by 2020-21.

Similarly, in the districts of Bellary and Koppal, in the respective districts, under the grant of action of the District Mineral Foundation, the Mobile Plant Health Clinic (Agricultural Sanjeevini) is being integrated, he added.

Conducting surveys at all stages of the crop periodically and informing farmers on possible pest, disease and weed management practices. He said that the State Level Surveillance and Advisory Committee is already in existence at the State level and the District Disaster Surveillance and Advisory Committee at the district level.

He said that these Committees include Scientists from Agriculture Universities, Indian Agricultural Advisory Organization, officials of the Central Comprehensive Disease Management Center and technical officers of the Agriculture Department. He explained that farmer surveillance and advisory units are more efficient and more efficient with the establishment of agricultural livelihoods.

The main objective of the project is to reduce the cost of production. Farmers can buy quality fertilizers at their own level and find cheap fertilizers. In this section, farmers will be given easy test demonstrations to check if the fertilizers are contaminated or duplicated by easy tests. Farmers can start buying quality fertilizers at their own stage.

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