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Chikkamagaluru: Summer Shower in Kalasa – Mixed Fare for Coffee-growers

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Chikkamagaluru: Weather had been gloomy over the earlier two days in the temple town of Kalasa in Mudigere district. Rising mercury level was a problem that was bothering the residents of the district.


But things changed all of a sudden on Thursday around 4 pm, when the sky opened up. The downpour was brief and lasted only 15 minutes. But the intensity reminded one of the monsoon season.  The heavy shower was good enough to dampen the parched earth and bring down the temperature considerably.

Since it is regarded as the harvest season for coffee and black pepper, there were mixed responses from the growers. Those who had got their yield plucked already faced problems with the drying process. Wherever it was flowering time for coffee, it was a welcome blossom shower, said a planter from Kalasa, who keeps shuttling between here and Mangaluru.

Some of the growers who were worried about the hot weather and had to plan for activating the sprinkler systems were happy that the job was saved, although for a short period.

The hot weather was likely to continue, despite the shower. But another round of summer shower in the near future is not ruled out, said a veteran planter from Mudigere.

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