Children galore at Father Muller on Children’s Day

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Children galore at Father Muller on Children’s Day

Mangaluru: Fun n frolic only for medicos… That’s a pass. Students from 4 government schools across the Mangaluru Taluk were invitees for a special day dedicated only to them. The Father Muller Convention Centre’s Muller Mini had a bevvy of children jumping in joy and happiness on the celebration of Children’s Day on 12 Nov 2022.

A brainchild event of Fr Ajith Menezes, who conceptualized a gathering of children who study in government schools that need to be applauded for their determination and passion to be nation builders of tomorrow. He took to the children like a child and participated along with them, elevating the angel spirits in bursts of joy.

The event was sponsored heartedly by the Director FMCI Rev Fr Richard Aloysius Coelho, whose magnanimity in supporting and being enthusiastic during the event shone brightly. He addressed the children as nation-builders who need to inculcate the habit of love, tolerance and self-care. A healthy mind and body are the crux of Yoga and the students too, to be sharp in mind and healthy in the body, one needs to incorporate Yoga, dance, sports or any hobby.

The department of paediatrics of the Father Muller Medical College Hospital whose captain Prof Dr Shreedhar Avabratha welcomed the gathering with a joyous chorus from the children.

Dr Parveen Zohara, Assistant professor of the department and the lead organizer of the event made every child feel at ease and notoriously happy.

The day-long event with the Magic show by Magic Munavar, and health education talk by Dr Shubha, Dr Deepthi, Dr Sweta, and Dr Vidhya (senior residents) made a special mark on the children.

Games and dances by the postgraduates and interns were the highlights of the event, where the students stood on chairs applauding every move. They even moved around greeting the students, dressed as cartoon characters.

Students from Government schools of Bikarnakatte, Mallikate, Panji Mogaru and Kasaba Bengre along with their teachers were the invitees. Breakfast, lunch, take away gifts were part of the event coordinated well by Dr Jaeson and the team.

Dean Dr Antony Sylvan, Chief of Research Dr Sanjeevi Rai, Deputy Medical Superintendent Dr Kishan Shetty along with the Management team of Fr Nelson Dheeraj Pais, Fr George Jeevan Sequeira and Fr Rohan Dias (Assistant Administrators of FMMCH) were the special invitees along with the faculty of the Medical College.

Dr Ruby and Dr Kausthuba, postgraduates compered the event.

The Father Muller Charitable Institutions has made many events such as the differently abled day, youth day, elders day and health-related events as their annual events, giving the underprivileged an opportunity to shine bright among others. Social responsibility and health awareness are always given a boost so to improve the environment as a whole.

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