Circumcision fear stops Hindu priest from converting to Islam

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Circumcision fear stops Hindu priest from converting to Islam

Bengaluru: A Hindu priest who had announced his willingness to get converted to Islam has now changed his mind, fearing the circumcision practice.

“I am suffering from diabetes. I got scared after knowing that ‘khatna’ (circumcision) would be conducted at the time of conversion. I got scared about the consequences and finally decided to stay back in Hinduism,” H.R. Chandrashekaraiah elaborated.

“I was pained with the inheritance dispute. Relatives distanced themselves away from me. Since I was an aged person, it seemed to me that they would not conduct my final rites as per the traditions; and I decided to get converted to Islam lawfully,” the priest told the media.

“I didn’t know anything about Islam. My house was located in the region where many Muslims lived and many friends stayed there. Hence, I decided to change my religion,” he said.

“The Sanatan Hindu religion is supreme. I realised that my decision to convert to Islam was wrong. The ignorance has gone away, there is no ‘mukthi’ if religion is changed,” Chandrashekaraish added.

He further said that he is at peace after being welcomed back to Hinduism by religious seers.

Chandrashekaraish asserted that since birth, his thought process and living pattern are in sync with the Hindu religion and he felt let down by the hurried decision he had taken.

Meanwhile, some locals alleged that a JD(S) leader and others had influenced him to take the decision of religious conversion.

61-year-old Chandrashekaraiah, a temple priest, had earlier announced his decision to convert and had also issued an advertisement in this regard.

The priest even rechristened his name as Mubarak Pasha. Photographs of Chandrashekaraiah wearing a skull cap and offering namaz made it a communal issue.

Former BJP minister Sogadu Shivanna rushed to his house and held long discussions. Shivanna also arranged a “ghar wapsi” (re-conversion) programme for him through religious seers.

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