CISF Personnel at MIA Arrest a Young Hunter for Illegal Possession of 2 CM Guns in his Car

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Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) Personnel at Mangalore International airport Arrest Reynold D’Souza for Illegal Possession of 2 Country Made Guns in his Car, which was parked in the Airport parking lot. It is learnt that Reynold was on a hunting spree on Monday, but had left behind his two country-made guns inside the car, which were unlicensed. Ooops….

Mangaluru: This is what happens when you go hunting with unlicensed country-made guns, and after a hunting spree, you come back home, but out of carelessness you leave your guns in your vehicle- and then you get caught by law enforcement officials- like this case here. Sources reveal that the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) personnel stationed at Mangalore International Airport noticed that two country-made guns were placed inside a car belonging to 24-year-old Reynold H D’Souza hailing from Brahmavar, after thorough enquiring by CISF, finding that the two guns owned by D’Souza had no licence obtained, arrested him.

It is learnt that Reynold had gone to the airport to receive his brother-in-law arriving by an Air India flight from Kuwait on the evening of Tuesday. Reynold had parked his car in the MIA parking lot, a CISF patrolling the area noticed two country-made guns left inside the car. Finding Reynold at the airport entrance, CISF personnel enquired him about the guns and found out that Reynold didn’t have a licence for the said guns. Based on this, Reynold was arrested, and produced before the Court, where he was remanded to judicial custody.

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  1. Must’ve wanted to impress his Gulf returned brother in law , otherwise he would have kept it in the boot of his car.

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