City Police Recover 124 Mobile Phones & Return 39 Lost or Stolen Mobile Phones to the Owners

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City Police Recover 124 Mobile Phones & Return 39 Lost or Stolen Mobile Phones to the Owners

Mangaluru: Recently the Central Government has introduced a new Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) service at to report phone thefts. With this new portal, now all those people whose mobiles are stolen or roamed, can easily register their complaints this method is very easy, you just have to go online and fill out the registration form. And the biggest feature of the portal is that you can block your mobile so that your important data is not stolen.

If your mobile is stolen or lost, you have to register the complaint on the portal and inform C-DOT through helpline number 14422. Thus, the central government will now help you find and block your lost or stolen mobile phone through IMEI verification. And this scheme is also implemented by the Mangaluru Police to trace, recover and return lost or stolen mobile phones to the right owners.

At a programme held at Mangaluru Police Commissioner Conference Hall on Thursday, 16 March, the Mangaluru City Police returned 39 mobile phones that were stolen or lost to their rightful owners, under the leadership of City Police Commissioner Kuldeep Kumar Jain. Addressing the media persons after handing over mobile phones to their owners, the police commissioner said, ” The police stations and the police personnel in the commissioner had received 402 requests for blocking mobile phones after they were either stolen or lost for about five months. Of the 402 complaints, 124 mobiles have so far been traced, and 39 were recovered with the help of CEIR. And today, we handed over the recovered phones to 31 people who had come here for the programme”.

” Earlier, whenever a person approached the police with a mobile phone lost or stolen complaint, police used to give just an acknowledgement. However, now with the CEIR system, everything has changed completely, and details including the IMEI number are uploaded to the CEIR portal, and the phone gets blocked when a complaint is lodged with the police. When someone attempts to use the phone with another SIM card, the enforcement authorities are immediately notified, and the same could be tracked. It is nice to note that none of these recovered phones has been used for illegal activities. I urge people to use the portal extensively to trace and recover lost or stolen mobile phones. The total value of the recovered mobiles is worth about Rs 6 to 7 lakhs, while the value of the traced mobile phone is Rs 20 lakhs” added the Top Cop.

DCP Dinesh Kumar B P and Anshu Kumar were also present on the dais during the programme. Speaking to Team Mangalorean, one of the phone owners, Dr Gayathri, who received her phone back from the police commissioner said, ” I lost my mobile phone during the Venkataramana temple Car festival in Car Street in January 2023. I had lost all hope of getting back my cell phone. I am overjoyed in getting my mobile phone back, which had all the important contacts and other materials. Thanks to the Mangaluru police under the leadership of police commissioner Kuldeep R Jain for doing the needful”. Three months after he had lost the mobile phone, Preethish filed a complaint a few days ago. To his surprise, the police had traced his mobile phone in Udupi.

Yet another mobile owner who got her phone back, Tech-savvy Ms Shravya who works at a private company said ” I lost my phone on 29 September 2022 while visiting Kudroli temple for a pooja. I filed a complaint with the Bunder police station for losing my Redmi-10 cellphone. With the help of the receipt, I submitted the IMEI to the Bunder police. Recently when I read about the new CEIR system and the initiative taken up by the police commissioner, I logged into CEIR and uploaded FIR details, my Aadhar card details and my IMEI number. Soon, I received an OTP and found that my cell phone had been activated. However, the police came to my help by tracing down the cell phone, and while receiving the phone I saw it was damaged in many places. But I am happy to get it back since it had all the important details and phone numbers I had saved. My sincere thanks to the police commissioner and staff for their effort in recovering and tracing my phone”.

It should be noted as per CEIR says the IMEI number would be printed on the mobile phone box. Those buying used phones should check IMEI status by dialling *#06#, where IMEI gets displayed on the screen. If the status shows ‘Blacklisted’ such phones should not be purchased, advises CEIR.

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