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CM Siddaramaiah Launches Development Works worth Rs 1200 crore in Bhatkal

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CM Siddaramaiah Launches Development Works worth Rs 1200 crore in Bhatkal

BhatkalChief Minister Siddaramaiah accused that some political parties have been attempting to divide the society on communal lines and take political advantage in the coming polls which should be stopped.

He was addressing the gathering after inaugurating various developmental projects worth Rs 1200 crores at the Taluk Police Parede Grounds, Bhatkal here on Wednesday December 6.

Party activists should shoulder the responsibility of reaching out to the people and making them aware of how the BJP is trying to create communal disturbance in the state.

We wanted to make Karnataka a hunger-free state, for which we have undertaken many programmes like the Anna Bhagya etc. From the last 4 years the government has issued 1.80 crore BPL cards to the poor people. 1.2 crore students have benefitted from the Kisheera Bhagya scheme. Our government has introduced many pro-people programmes for the benefit of the state but BJP is accusing our government of being corrupted.

Narendra Modi had promised of creating 2 crore new jobs every year-but has failed to provide sufficient jobs until now. Professionals in the IT sector are losing jobs because of the poor policies. He has also failed to bring back the black money from foreign shores; the demonetisation move has also flopped.

Our government has fulfilled 90% of the promises it made during the elections four years ago. Dozens of welfare programmes like the Anna Bhagya, Ksheera Bhagya and others have won the people hearts. However, the Modi government has not fulfilled even 25% of the promises it made before the elections in the last three years. This is enough to state that the Karnataka government is far better than the Modi government

Under the leadership of R V Deshpande Karnataka is in the top place in attracting investments to the country. The state has become a very attractive destination for investors following the launch of the new industrial policy and other measures taken by the government, he added.

PWD Minister Dr H.C. Mahadevappa, Minister for Higher Education and Tourism R. V. Deshpande also spoke on the occasion. Bhatkal MLA Mankal Vaidya presided over the function. Deputy Commissioner S Nakul and Assistant commissioner Manjunath also present.


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  1. To make Karnataka ”HUNGER FREE”, the government cannot, as it requires some local Politician, State Minister, and the Center in Delhi, that in the 5-year course of governing end up only with forming Committees and proposing schemes and never sanctioning the funds. The Public Distribution of Food in India is very superficial – one cannot run a household on 1 Kg. of Sugar, 2 Kg. Rice, etc for a month.

    Instead, the people of Karnataka in every District and in every town and in every community, start FOOD BANKS and give one 10Kg, Cap. Canvas Bag to each middle class and upper-class families and a list of essential foodstuffs, to be filled in and to be collected on a weekly basis by Volunteers, or to for the household to deposit the same at the local FoodBank. Every household that has no income or an income less than Rs 10,000.- should be entitled to come and collect the variety of foodstuff that can be distributed in a FoodBank, that can be set up with folding tables to display the food, and cartons to hold the cans/packets/bottles, etc. of each category of food. The local youth or retired gents and ladies should be inducted to volunteer for 3 hours once a week from 2 pm to 5 pm. Each family receiving the free food stuff must be documented in a database, and an address proof is necessary. All donor’s foodstuff must also be
    entered into a database.

    This is the only way to end hunger for the poor and needy, and not with all the big talks from the people in authority as they really do not know what is poverty or what it is to go to bed hungry.

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