CM Siddaramaiah objects to lesser share of central funds, says ‘K’taka stood against divide & rule policy’

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CM Siddaramaiah objects to lesser share of central funds, says ‘K’taka stood against divide & rule policy’

Bengaluru: On the occasion of the 77th Independence Day, Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah during his speech objected to the lesser share of returns to the state in terms of GST tax, and underlined that Karnataka has stood against the divide-and-rule policy.

Siddaramaiah hoisted the national flag at the Field Marshal Manekshaw Parade Ground here and also delivered his first Independence Day speech as Karnataka’s chief minister during his second stint in the seat.

He said that Karnataka is the second highest tax-paying state in the country.

“We are paying over Rs 4 lakh crore in the form of taxes and duties to the Centre. However, we are just getting Rs 50,000 crore in return from the Centre. Karnataka will be the richest state if we get what actually we deserve naturally,” he stated.

Siddaramaiah maintained that “despite this challenging situation, we are complying with fiscal discipline. We are committed to the comprehensive development of the state. True patriots are aware of our efforts.”

“People of Karnataka have stood against the efforts of divide and rule policy. ‘All inclusive’ is our policy and hence people have chosen us for power. This promise of strengthening the new Karnataka Development Model which ensures inclusive growth and yearns for the development of everyone, is the most important promise that I make on the occasion of Independence Day.

“The country has been facing a crisis in the last few years. Hatred, violence, suspicion, revenge and intolerance are growing. Rather, there are efforts to fuel these traits. Some sections of society are producing these traits and are projecting that these have acceptance too.

“There is a need to defeat these efforts as they are aimed to create negativity. As a civilised society, we will doom if such efforts are not thwarted. Only peace and harmony can ensure development. Any society marred by violence, chaos, and lack of law and order situation nurtures poverty. Lakhs of young talented and skilled youths are leaving the country and its citizenship. Our institutions of higher learning and universities should create highly talented and skilled students with a scientific bent of mind,” he said.

Invoking Jawaharlal Nehru in his speech, CM Siddaramaiah said, “As Pandit Nehru remarked, let us work with unity. Let us herald a new dawn of development. Let peace, happiness and harmony thrive in our land. Let us be grateful to our army who are protecting us, to youth who are increasing the land’s wealth; to the farmers who are producing food for us.

“Citizens of Karnataka are convinced that peace in society is inevitable for development and hence have rejected deliberate efforts of negative forces.

“In our society, only about 10 per cent of people have established their ownership over 78 per cent of resources. The British administration looted the country’s resources during the colonial era. However, today only a few people have accumulated wealth. Does this situation lead us to development?

“In this background, we are implementing policies that are aimed at ensuring social justice in terms of the accumulation of resources and their redistribution. This is the idea behind the introduction of five guarantee schemes such as Shakti, Gruha Jyothi, Anna Bhagya, Gruha Lakshmi and Yuva Nidhi. We strongly believe in the premise of economist Amartya Sen that ‘development is real freedom’ and hence have introduced the five guarantee schemes,” he said.

“We are working under the guidance of ‘Gandhiji’s Talisman’. Whenever implementing a scheme, whether it benefits the last person and whether social justice has been achieved are the guiding principles of our administration.

“People were in distress due to price rise, unemployment, corruption and discrimination due to caste and religion. Per capita income in several districts has not increased when compared to our previous tenure and there has been an increase in poverty. Considering this, our government followed the Universal Basic Income policy and introduced the five guarantee schemes to boost the economic and social energy of the people.

“We are mooting the ‘Brand Bengaluru’ initiative. The objective is to transform Bengaluru to international standards. Much focus has been laid to ensure smooth traffic flow, management of solid wastes, proper utilisation of public places, proper health of livestock and citizens, introduction of citizen-friendly e-administration, water security and management of challenges arising out of natural calamities.

“We dream of transforming Karnataka into the number one state in Asia in terms of modern technology. We want the state to be the number one manufacturing hub in Asia too. In the last 10 years, the industrial sector of the state has registered a 9.3 per cent growth rate. We have set a goal of achieving a 15 per cent and 16 per cent growth rate in the coming days. This requires an investment of about Rs 1.4 lakh crore every year and generation of 14 lakh new jobs,” CM Siddaramaiah stated.

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