Complaints by Whatsapp to MCC on Potholes Issues Solved in 30 mins- It’s A JOKE!

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“Your Complaint by Whatsapp or by calling on Potholes/Bad Roads/Dug Up Streets etc Issues will be solved in 30 mins, was an announcement made by Mangaluru City Commissioner Akshy Sridhar and MCC Mayor Premanand Shetty-But seems like it is NOTHING but a JOKE! I am not sure whether the 30 mins action mentioned by them is in August 2022 or August 2023?

Mangaluru: On 13 August, Yours Truly of Team Mangalorean had published an article pertaining to the potholes/dug-up roads etc issues, but I feel ashamed that my article is not serving any purpose since the concerned officials and smart engineers are not doing a dam thing in rectifying the problems. The announcement made by MCC officials seems like “We Don’t Practice What We Preach”, and for that matter, the promises made by MCC officials to fix the pothole/dug-up roads etc. within 30 minutes after complaints are made via WhatsApp or by calling the phone numbers provided.

Potholes/Dug Roads Issues Call MCC at 0824-2220306 or WhatsApp 9449007722

Ever since my article was published on 13 August, I had sent the article link to the MCC Commissioner and Mayor, followed by reminders through photos of the potholes near Bendoorwell, opposite Radha Medicals in the City- all I got assurances from MCC Commissioner that the potholes will be filled immediately- hello, it is the fifth day the potholes still exist, and are getting deeper day by day. Forget about 30 mins, it’s been days now that action has not been taken. Why are the citizens getting fooled in such a manner, if the concerned authorities can’t do the job right away?


A couple of days ago, out of courtesy and for the safety of the motorists, especially two-wheeler riders, lady members of Biruver Kudla -Ashoknagar did their best to fill one or two potholes in that location, but due to heavy traffic on this stretch of the road, we are seeing potholes again. Why did MCC release the list of engineers’ contact numbers and the wards to which they are assigned, if they are not addressing the issue and solving the problem?

MCC Commissioner on 13 August stated- “Mangaluru City Corporation limits have received more rainfall than usual in the months of June and July. Immediate attention has been paid to repairing the roads damaged due to rains. Pipeline installation for 24×7 water supply and GAIL gas line installation has been taking place too. Concerned authorities have taken up reconstruction of the said roads”.


“Directions have been passed on to concerned departments to maintain and repair National Highway paths, and other roads in MCC limits. In case citizens have any complaints with regard to potholes-trenches or unsanctioned digging, they can be reported via WhatsApp on 9449007722 or can reach us on the MCC helpline number 0824-2220306. Citizens are requested to cooperate with the City Corporation,” added MCC Commissioner. But that was nothing but to convince the citizens, and doing nothing. Period!


Just recently a 20-year-old youth riding a bike died trying to avoid a pothole, and also a young MSc student who also faced the brunt of a pothole on the Netravati bridge got seriously injured and will not be able to answer her PG exams. But still, the concerned officials in NHAI and MCC are least bothered about the safety of the motorists and pedestrians. They only take care of such issues after a death or severe injuries faced by the commuters. Bah humbug!

Driving/Riding on Mangalore streets, and for that matter, even on the outskirts of the City, is like an obstacle course, with a bunch of crater-sized potholes at every nook and corner. Drivers keep swerving and manoeuvring to make sure they miss every pothole. These potholes have also worsened the chronic traffic jams which Mangaloreans face every day. As long as cheap quality tar is being used and layered too thinly, we will continue to have these problems every year. It’s an obvious pattern and I wonder why nobody is looking into this. Without any delay, MCC should undertake a major exercise to refurbish City’s potholes.

Rumours are that even after citizens have complained about the above issues through WhatsApp or by calling, NO ACTION has been taken within a certain time. So while waiting for potholed roads to be restored for a smooth ride, just brace yourself. And for sure, the MCC authorities will not take any action, until a few tiny cars like’ Maruti Suzuki Alto’ get stuck in the pothole or a few riders fall off their two-wheelers. Until then bear with the potholes or curse someone at the MCC— and still, keep driving safely, especially in the Bendorewell area!


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  1. I messaged but till now no response. Its eyewash by politicians and top officials to showcase how good they are but in reality its fake…only on records…no redressal assured.

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