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Congratulations on your Birthday Tanya and Tanisha Fernandes

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Dear Tanya and Tanisha


For two gorgeous twins, this is your birthday poem
You have always been at home,
But now you are free to roam.
You have given the world so much,
And with just one more touch,
You turn one year older and such.

Please remember how special you are,
That you both came this far,
And How much we all love you,
Because of your hearts, together, so true.

Wishing you a very happy birthday and many more wonderful years ahead. God bless you both

Wishes from 
Rajesh (dad), Sunitha (mom) and Sylwin (bro)

Some say that twin sisters are so close they share a soul. Since your lives began, you have shared everything together. You reflect, compliment and challenge each other in ways that no one else can. Whether you continue through life always at each other’s sides, or you drift apart in your separate travels, you will always be connected through your souls. The day you were born will always remind you of your relationship and of how special both of you are. Happy birthday!

Wishes and blessings from
Alice Fernandes & family

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