Congress Party workers Should Visit Every house with a List of BJP ‘Papada Purana’ – D K Shivakumar

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Congress Party workers Should Visit Every house with a List of BJP ‘Papada Purana’ – D K Shivakumar During Prajadhwani Yatra

Mangaluru: “The double-engine government failed to keep its promises made before the elections. Before coming to power BJP had assured that they would create 2 crore jobs every year, Rs 15 lakhs to the bank account of each person, and double the income of the farmers but the assurances are still not fulfilled. To make the people aware of the failures of the BJP government, we have started the Prajadhwani Yatra. This is the voice of the citizens. We have released the list of failures of the BJP “Papada Purana”. The Congress party workers should go to every house with a copy of Papada Purana”, said KPCC President D K Shivakumar during the Prajadhwani Yatra, held at the Karavali Utsav Grounds here on January 22.

Addressing the gathering D K Shivakumar said, “I cannot forget the support of Janardhan Poojary, Oscar Fernandes and Veerappa Moily during my early days in politics. They have guided me every step and I have grown under their guidance. Today I am lucky to share the dais with the senior congress leader Janardhan Poojary. He constructed Sri Gokarnanath Temple in Kudroli and our leaders Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi visited the Temple in Kudroli”.

D K S further said, “The Prajadhwani yatra is to create awareness among the people about the failure of the BJP. We started the Prajadhwani Yatra from Belgaum where Mahatma Gandhi accepted the President’s post in Congress and led the country to freedom and people gathered in large numbers. Sonia Gandhi appointed Dr Parameshwar as the president of the State Manifesto committee. Dr Parameshwar travels throughout the state to study the problems, demands and requirements of the people. Yesterday he met many organizations in Dakshina Kannada and prepared the Manifesto for the Coastal region”.

D K Shivakumar also said, “BJP government came to power through Operation Kamala. Before starting this yatra we studied our achievements, what changes we have made and what BJP has done in the state and country. BJP made 600 promises in the manifesto and has fulfilled only 50 of them, the Congress party made 165 promises and fulfilled 159. BJP said that if they come to power they will double the income of the farmers and that the farmers’ loans will be waived from National banks. Has any farmers’ income doubled? Did any farmer get financial help during the COVID? The BJP government did not help anyone in need, so we thought of going to the general public to create awareness about the failure of the BJP. While creating awareness, we thought of highlighting the failures of the BJP and released a list of their failures “Papada Purana”. The Congress party workers should go to every house with the Papada Purana list and create awareness about the failures of the BJP”.

“Karnataka government has got 40% brand image, which was mentioned by the 2.25 lakh official contractors in their letter written to the Prime minister. Many contractors committed suicide when they did not receive payments from the government. In the Vidhana Soudha, every pillar cries “Kaasu, Kaasu” (money). There is no income but the price of day-to-day commodities has skyrocketed. During COVID many have died due to lack of Oxygen but not a single MLA, MP or Deputy commissioner visited their houses and provided compensation. BJP plays with the sentiments of the people but Congress believes in development. Whatever we had promised we have delivered. We will come to power in May 2023 and within a month we will fulfil all our promises”, said D K Shivakumar.

While concluding, D K Shivakumar said, “We have many aspirants and all will not become MLAs. The Congress party is important and not any particular person. Earlier, we were winning all the seats in Udupi and Dakshina Kannada. In Hassan, more than 50,000 people gathered for the Prajadhwani and showed their strength. I hope this time Congress will come to power. People from all walks of life have supported us during the Prajadhwani programme. We will honour the promises that we have made in our Election Manifesto. Minister Ashok has questioned how the Congress party will provide 200 units of free electricity. We know how to provide free electricity. From June, every housewife will get Rs 2000 in their account. Today Ashok Kumar Rai has joined the Congress party along with his supporters. In the coming days, many will join the Congress party. I urge all the party workers to be united and work for the success of the party. I am sure that we will win 140 seats in the coming elections”.

If anyone says I have taken Bribe I will Retire from Politics – Siddaramaiah

Addressing the gathering former CM Siddaramaiah said, “BJP has made 550 promises but failed to deliver even 10% of them. Today B K Hariparasad announced the promises by the Congress party and all 10 promises are limited to the development of the Coastal region. The president of the Manifesto Committee Dr Parameshwar has discussed the promises with the people of the Coastal region and prepared the Manifesto. Congress is realistic with its promises and will fulfil them. In 2013, the people of Karnataka blessed Congress and brought it to power. Congress had given 165 promises during the 2013 elections and in 5 years we fulfilled 158 promises. We have fulfilled 30 additional promises not mentioned in the Manifesto, such as the Indira Canteen, waiver of loans, and the vidhyasiri scheme. BJP in 2018 made false promises through the manifesto saying that they will fulfil 600 promises. And in 4 years of their ruling, failed to fulfil 550 promises, not even 10% of the promises made to the people of the state. BJP means liers party, a factory of Lies. BJP promised the farmers of waiving their loans of up to 1 Rs lakh. Spending Rs 1.5 lakh crores for Irrigation but they spent only Rs 45 to 50,000 crores in four years. If we are telling lies, let CM Basavaraj Bommai come along with the BJP Manifesto, and we will come up with our manifesto to discuss it on the same platform. If Bommai has the guts let him come for a discussion”.

Siddaramaiah further said, “BJP is misguiding the youth in the coastal district in the name of Hindutva. We should respect our religion and at the same time, respect other religions too. According to the BJP, I have been branded as anti-Hindu and Godse who killed Gandhiji a staunch Hindu. Savarkar who had written apology letters to the British and took a pension from them a staunch Hindu. According to BJP Ambedkar and Nehru are not Hindus. Nehru build Institutions, dams, colleges, and Industries but all the institutions built by the Nehru family have been privatised by Modi who is a great Hindu. Before coming to power Modi said that he will bring back the black money from the Swiss bank and credit Rs 15 lakh to the bank account of every citizen. Did he do it? He also said that he would create 2 crore jobs, and waive the loans of farmers. When Manmohan Singh was the Prime Minister Rs 78,000 crore farmers loan was waived. When I was the CM, Rs 8165 thousand crore loan was waived. Modi said “Achche din ayenge”, Where is Ache din? What is the price of Petrol and diesel? BJP is the most corrupt party, with corruption everywhere, even the pillars in the Vidhana Soudha cry “Lancha Lancha” (Bribe). If any contractor says that Siddaramaiah has taken a bribe, I will retire from politics”.

Siddaramaiah also said, “A police inspector committed suicide because he was unable to pay the loan he had taken to get the post. BJP has made Dakshina Kannada and Udupi laboratories of Hindutva. There is an MP in DK who advises, not to talk about any development work but to talk about Love Jihad. Being a BJP state president he is misguiding the party workers. When Paresh Mesta died by drowning, BJP made it a big issue. I was the CM then and immediately handed over the case to CBI (which the BJP then called it a Chor Bachao Institute). Now the CBI says that it was a natural death. CBI is under the Home minister Amit Shah, Narendra Modi, and Bommai. They are misguiding people in the name of Hindutva. If the country has to develop and to make the country corrupt free we need to bring back Congress to power. Rahul Gandhi is holding the Bharat Jodo yatra to unite people. Congress is uniting and BJP is dividing the people”.

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