Construction Debris Dumped by MSCL on Arya Samaj Road Posing Danger to Commuters

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“Construction Debris Dumped by Mangaluru Smart City Ltd (MSCL) on Arya Samaj Road in the City during the said road development work a couple of months ago is Posing Danger to Commuters”-Pedestrians & Motorists

Mangaluru: No matter what the officials of Mangaluru Smart City Ltd (MSCL), will not learn from their mistakes committed once. In February 2021, when MSCL had violated the Construction and Demolition Waste Rules of 2016, the High Court had sent a notice to the then Managing Director of MSCL and also Commissioner of Mangaluru City Corporation Akshy Sridhar to respond to the action he would propose to take for violation of Construction and Demolition Waste Rules by the Smart City Ltd. And here in April 2022 we are seeing MSCL once again breaking the said rules by dumping a large quantity of construction debris, including mud, concrete pieces, stones, sand, jelly stones etc, on Arya Samaj Road, and the Commuters and motorists have to face the brunt of the goof-up created by MSCL- it’s a TOTAL MESS out there-the whole area has gone dusty and polluted.

Last year the High Court had asked this question and wanted to know in response to a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed by Karnataka Legal Services Authority. -“Without you getting SMARTER, how do you expect to make the CITY SMART? Why are steps as per 2016 rules on construction waste disposal not followed? Why is the Smart City corporation a silent spectator to these violations,”. The High Court wanted to know in response to a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed by The same question needs to be asked again to the officials of MSCL about the construction debris, soil, rocks etc being dumped on Arya Samaj road. Seems like the ‘Construction and Demolition Waste Rules of 2016’ don’t apply now?

And the worst part is that the contractors and labourers are taking their own time in completing the work, thereby putting the shop/business owners in hardship and also causing inconveniences to the public. Just look around the slow pace of work either by MSCL or MCC, where roads are dug, debris is piled up at every nook and corner, and piles of debris cause safety hazards to the pedestrians. Do the officials of MCC care about the safety of the people?

If you drive, ride or walk around the Smart City it is a DISASTER, with mud, soil, dust, pollution and what not due to the various projects that have been taken up by MCC, there is lots of mud, soil, rocks etc that had accumulated when digging of roads/footpaths was done, and with no proper place to dispose of all this construction waste soil/mud/debris, the contractors who were at the helm of all these projects dumped waste/debris wherever they could find empty space or leave it near the construction sites.

With all the construction waste soil/debris being dumped in public places, including Arya Samaj Road by MSCL, where are the officials of Karnataka State Pollution Control Board which had taken MSCL to task last year for such violation of ‘Construction and Demolition Waste Rules of 2016’? Do the rules/laws change every year? Just like a petition was filed in the High Court against MSCL for such violation last year, let it also take an action now and slap hefty fines for their wrongdoing. Shouldn’t the MSCL adhere to the rules while carrying on with the road construction work?


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