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Construction of New Central Market May be Delayed as HC Passes Stay Order on Demolition of Old Building

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Construction of New Central Market May be Delayed as HC Passes Stay Order on Demolition of Old Building

 Construction of New Central Market May be delayed as High Court Passes Stay Order on Demolition of Old Central Market Building

Mangaluru: While the wholesale traders have been shifted from the old location of Central Market which used to be in the heart of city, to Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) Yard in Baikampady, in the outskirts of Mangaluru- and also the veg and fruit retailers and other businesses who were operating their businesses in the old building ordered to move out, due to congestion of space which abuses the guidelines of Covid-19- and also that Mangaluru City Corporation had plans to demolish the old Central Market and build a state-of-the art new Central Market, has now landed into controversy.

It is learnt that few license holders, namely- Haneef Malar, Ammi Maripalla and Ibrahim B F, of the Mangaluru City Central market who had been doing business for decades had approached the High Court by filing Writ Petition challenging the order of demolition order passed by the Mangaluru Corporation on 7/4/2020 . The Senior Advocate and Ex – Advocate general A.S. Ponanna , Advocate Lathif Badagannoor , Akbar pasha had argued on behalf of writ petitioners through vidio conference before single Judge and the Hon’ble Court passed an order ” NOT TO TAKE ANY COERCIVE STEP TO DEMOLISH THE CITY MARKET BUILDING” and has issued notice to MCC.


On the other hand, the wholesale traders who were forced by the MCC to shift to APMC Yard in Baikampady have been facing a lot of problems, mainly with no proper facilities. With no proper shops allotted to the vendors, ever since they moved to this yard, they have been selling the products laid on the ground, and many a times customers are reluctant to buy the items since they are covered with dust as bunch of vehicles move in and out. The area has been dilapidated and wild grass has grown all around the yard, which has made home for reptiles, and recently a python was spotted in one of the godown there.The area seems like total unhygienic, and vendors say that ever since they shifted from the City to this Yard, their business has dropped by 40%, which has resulted in dumping bags and bags of vegetables and fruits into garbage trucks.


Speaking to Team Mangalorean, Mustafa Kunhi-the President of Central Market Merchants Association said, “Our Association has not approached any Court, but we have already met the DC, MP Kateel and both the MLA’s, urging them to rectify the several issues faced by the traders at the APMC Yard. If they don’t take any action quick, we too will approach the Court to do the needful. Two days ago, thieves had stolen various goods from the godown, which is a loss to the owners. Due to the rising temperature we are losing quintals of vegetables and fruits, and today we threw about 30-40 bags of chillies, tomatoes, bananas, beans etc., which is a terrible loss. When we were asked to relocate to this Yard, we believed the district officials, but when we came here it was a disaster and we were left helpless and no other option we had to continue our trade. With lack of basic facilities, it’s hard to do business. We start our business during the wee hours of 3 am in the morning, and there are hardly any lights that are working, and we are left in dark to carry on with our sales. If such kind of hardships continue, we may decide to halt our trade, until proper arrangements are made by the district administration”.

A Python was spotted in one of the godown recently

Fruits getting rotten due to temperature and lack of facilities

And regarding the shifting of the Central Market from the City to APMC yard in the outskirts of the City-Baikampady, Mustafa said, “This move to shift the Central Market from City to APMC yard was done in a hurry, and with no proper intimation to us, but we had no other option but to shift as per strict orders from district admin and MCC. Before they shifted us, facilities should have been upgraded here, which is not done, and traders and retailers are facing hardships. And now we have to face the nuisance of these reptiles. We can’t do business in the open air in the hot sun, and later during the rainy season. Many of us have been doing business at the Central Market for over three decades, and before they demolish the present market building they should give us time so that we can make other arrangements. Forcing us to shift and in the same time demolishing the present market building for a more sophisticated one is not fair at all”.

It is learnt that Sunil Kumar Bajal-the District General Secretary of CITU had urged the MP to look for a place somewhere within the city limits where the vendors can sell their products, instead of traveling a distance to Baikampady. In response, MP Kateel assured that he will give an answer within the next few days. In the meantime also read earlier reports on the condition and hassles faced by the traders at APMC Yard : (Ref: You Can Now Find ‘Python’ among ‘Snake Gourd’ at the Central Market Operating at APMC Yard-Baikampady ); (Ref: Chaos & No Social Distancing Seen Even Now At Central Market Operating At APMC Yard -Baikampady )

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