Cops Book PU College in Valachil under Karnataka Epidemic Diseases Act

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Cops registered a case against Expert PU College in Valachil under Karnataka Epidemic Diseases Act on the charge of holding classes and other academic activities on campus.

Mangaluru: As per police source, the the Mangaluru Rural Police on Thursday, 29 April 2021 registered a case against the management of Expert Pre University College, Valachil, in the outskirts of Mangaluru, under the Karnataka Epidemic Diseases Act on the charge of holding classes and other academic activities on the campus. It is also learnt that the college has also been accused of being responsible for some parents holding a protest outside its campus during the lockdown on Thursday for not sending students back home. As per a parent speaking to Team Mangalorean over the phone said that more than thirty parents had gathered outside the college campus gate requesting the management to send their children back home along with them, but all in vain since they were not obliged by the college management.

The parents had arrived as far from Vijayapura, Dharwad, Tarikere and other parts of the State, like Sullia, Puttur as early as six in the morning- and waited outside the campus gate until evening, when finally the management on the advice of the district administration agreed to let the students go with their parents. One of the parents spoke to the media saying, “More than 70% of students have already been sent back home. My daughter is among the remaining 30% who are in the hostel. We are worried for their safety, hence we have come to take them home”. Another parent had said that the parents are worried about the health of their children due to the second wave of COVID-19. As there are no classes and the practical examinations have also been postponed, there was no need for retaining the children in the hostel. Despite coming to the institution by traversing more than 500 km, the management was not ready to speak and made us stand and wait outside the gate, he added.

Another parent said that none from the management responded to emails sent by them about their willingness to take their children back home. When the parents staged the protest, Mangaluru Tahsildar and police arrived at the institution and later, the management sent the students along with their parents back home. Following this incident, the Mangaluru Rural Police registered a case against Chairman of Expert Group of Institutions Narendra Nayak and other members of the management of the institution for offences under Section 5 (1) and 5 (4) of the Karnataka Epidemic Diseases Act.

It is learnt that the college has denied both the charges, stating that the institution has not violated any of the guidelines of the State government, and that it is the parents who have violated the guidelines by travelling from far away distances and protesting outside the college.

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