Cops Fight Corona! Steam Inhalation Facility FIRST of its Kind Installed at Barke Police Station

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Cops Fight Corona! Steam Inhalation Facility FIRST of its Kind Installed at Barke Police Station

Mangaluru: Alarmed over a number of people and also police personnel getting infected by coronavirus on duty, Police Commissioner Shashi Kumar has directed that kiosks be set up outside all police stations for people who come there to file complaints, passport ID verification etc. the FIRST such Kiosk (with covered Shamiyana, chairs etc) was opened today, 17 April 2021 at the Urwa Police station, where any person coming to the station needs to be tested for Coronavirus, including Sanitizing, Thermo Check, Pulse check with Oximeter, and those without mask will be offered a free face mask- an initiative by the Police Commissioner. And this time a FIRST of its kind STEAM INHALATION FACILITY has been installed at Barke Police Station in the City, and this was the initiative by the Police Inspector Jyotirling Honakatti.

This steam inhalation unit was set up after consulting Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy professionals, and after approval from the Police Commissioner was installed on 29 April, at the Barke police station. This facility is for the use of police personnel and also visitors who come to the station, and three persons at a time can use this facility. A pressure cooker which supplies the steam is connected to a steel pipe with three vents or openings, from which people can inhale the steam. The pressure cooker is filled with water, tulsi leaves and cloves. Once the stove is on, and water boils, releasing the steam, police and other station staff inhale the steam for 2-3 minutes each before entering the police station and also before they leave for their homes after duty. Police or people with their masks down will sit close proximity to each other, which go against the basic measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Police Inspector Jyotirling Honakatti of Barke Police Station

Speaking to Team Mangalorean Police Inspector Jyotirling Honakatti who had conceptualized the idea said, “Steam inhalation clears lungs and helps during this time (to help avoid COVID-19). I had used this kind of steam facility in my house during my stint in Belagavi in 2020. I wanted to introduce this facility at my station here, after police commissioner N Shashi Kumar had asked us to take steps to prevent Covid-19 infection. I approached him and took the permission to install this steam inhalation facility, for which he readily agreed”.

He further said, “Being a yoga trainer, in 2017 I had arranged yoga classes in Belagavi for 100 days where nearly 25 policemen joined and benefited a lot from it, and the Belagavi police commissioner appreciated and applauded my efforts. I provided the trainers Millet’s, and various products made out of Cow Urine, and it really helped their health conditions. Before installing this steam inhaling facility here I had taken inputs from Ayurveda and Naturopathy therapists, and it has worked wonders since then. The police staff and visitors enjoy the facility”.

While this FIRST police station in Mangaluru has shown good results, there are a good number of police stations in Shivamogga, Chitradurga, and Haveri districts among other districts that have this facility for their police personnel. Police Commissioner Shashi Kumar speaking to Team Mangalorean said , “Seems like a very good facility conceptualized by our police inspector Honakatti and I may consider having such facility at other police stations. At present all the 20 police buildings in the City, housing police stations and other police offices have set up kiosks outside the buildings to address complaints of people. All precautions, including hand sanitisers, masks, hand gloves and UV reader machines are used at these kiosks. Few police stations even provide hot drinking water and hot Kashaya to the police personnel and visitors”.

When asked about the scientific validity of using steam against the coronavirus, the Police Commissioner said, “This is not a cure for those who already have COVID-19. It only clears the lungs. It is not that nobody will get COVID-19 if they do this, but this is a measure to avoid getting the disease. This facility is completely voluntary, and such a system has not been replicated anywhere else. When asked if the measure might come across as misleading, the Commissioner claimed, “Some people have endorsed it as a good measure and some haven’t. Who has ruled this measure out as not a remedy? For the sake of discussion I ask, Remdesevir or Covexin are also claimed to be useless by some but some claim it to be useful.”

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  1. Thank you for the article, Mr Dsouza.

    Steam inhalation to help the lungs somewhat has been around for perhaps centuries. Many claim to benefit from it. Even a nebulizer (for asthma management) appears to use the principle of steam inhalation.

    I recommend that one goes for a far more permanent and effective solution to deal with the lungs. And it is free too. No medicines, herbs etc. to consume. This is the Shastrey system. I wrote a book on the subject (Shastrey: The Brahmin Secret For Incredible Health,

    How does the system work?
    Many people either are born with or develop later on some hardened mucus in their lungs. So long as this hardened mucus remains in the lungs, the person suffers from all sorts of ailments, including the good old cold (a viral infection), flu etc. If one gets rid of the hardened mucus from the lungs (can take a year or more), most if not all of the symptoms associated with the ailments disappear. The person becomes asymptomatic. No more breathlessness.

    No, this is definitely not a get-well-quick gimmick. It is not a cure. As it is absolutely free to practice, anyone can do it for a month and see for themselves what it means.

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