Couple Commits Suicide in fear of Corona at Baikampady

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Couple Commits Suicide in fear of Corona at Baikampady

Mangaluru: In a tragic incident, a couple committed suicide at their apartment in Baikampady here on August 17.

The deceased have been identified as Ramesh Suvarna (45) and his wife Guna Suvarna from Baikampady.

Before committing suicide, Ramesh Suvarna called the police commissioner saying that he and his wife have decided to commit suicide due to fear of COVID. He also sent a voice message to the Commissioner. As soon as the police commissioner received the message, he requested anyone who recognized the couple to stop them from taking this extreme step. The Commissioner also shared the voice message in media groups, requesting to find the couple as soon as possible and save them.

Meanwhile, the police reached their apartment in Baikampady within 20 minutes. Unfortunately, the couple was found hanging by the ceiling of their apartment.

Before committing suicide, Gunavati Suvarna had written a suicide note.

In his voice message, Ramesh Suvarna said, “We have the symptoms of the coronavirus and my wife is very scared of the disease since she suffers from diabetes. My dear brother Harish take care of my mother, don’t take the trouble to come and see us. I have kept Rs 1 lakh for our final rites. We are going. Take care”.

In the death note, Gunavati Suvarna mentioned, “I and my husband have decided to commit suicide due to ill health. When I was 14 year’s old, I had undergone surgery. In the year 2000, I married Arya and in 2001, I conceived. During my 5th month of pregnancy, I developed diabetes. On January 25, 2002, I gave birth to a baby boy but my baby died in 12 days due to ill-health. Later I had complications during my second pregnancy and the sugar level was very high. In 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic, we were very careful. But for a week now, I have had all the symptoms of Corona. I am afraid to get admitted to the hospital. I have seen in TV channels the severity of Corona and black fungus and how diabetic people suffer. I am afraid that I too will suffer the same way”.

“From the past three days, my husband too has exhibited the symptoms of Corona. We feel that we don’t need to live and suffer like this, and so have decided to end our lives. My parents and my brother have also suffered from Corona especially my mother who suffered a lot. My request is not to trouble my parents to carry out our final rites. Twice I had undergone a Cesarean and lost my children. Whenever we meet people they ask about children, so I was avoiding meeting anyone. We request our Hindu organization leaders Sharan Pumpwell and Sathyajith Suratkal to cremate us. We have kept Rs 1 lakh for our cremation. I request the Police Commissioner Sashi Kumar, Sharan Pumpwell, Sathyajith Suratkal to do the cremation. The things which we have in our apartment should be distributed among the poor because neither my family nor my husband’s family needs these things. I ask that the flat owners Ashok and Shanthi madam please forgive us”.

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