Cows Roaming on Streets Putting Motorists & Peoples’ Lives in Risk

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Cows Roaming on Streets Putting Motorists & Peoples’ Lives at Risk. Traffic chaos near Bajpe as a herd of cows march freely on the crowded street. If any one of you reached late to the airport, don’t blame the COWS, blame their IGNORANT & SENSELESS OWNERS!

Mangaluru: Even though you may not see cows roaming in the city streets presently, years ago cows were allowed to roam freely anywhere they like, in honour of their exalted status. But recently the numbers have decreased, and you see only a few that roam in the City. But, cows are left free to roam around to eat pasture (green grass) that grows around naturally. But due to the urbanization happening in this era, their natural food resources (lush green fields) are getting replaced by buildings and roads.

But if you travel a little beyond or in the outskirts of Mangaluru, cow menace on streets is still seen, as of today, near Bajpe while I was returning from a programme of the Indian Coast Guard DSC Accommodation inauguration, a herd of cow, around 15-20 of them freely roaming on the streets, thereby traffic chaos, and also putting the lives of motorists and people in risk. I don’t blame these innocent animals, but blame the owner for letting them wander on crowded streets. Moo! Not just traffic, motorists have to deal with stray cows. No doubt, cows are a huge hindrance on the road and put their lives of theirs and everyone else’s at risk.

Passengers arriving at Mangalore International Airport and heading home will be First welcomed by these cows, and give them a chance to click a few pictures and send them back to their relatives and friends back home or abroad. The owners of the cows here, I think, let their cows roam free as they know that they will get free food. The fodder which they feed to the cattle comes moderately expensive. The cows move from one house to the other (as there is a scarcity of green lush grass fields in cities) to get fed by the people living in the houses. It cuts down the fodder expenses to a great extent for the milkmen (the cow owners). The cows return to their owner’s place to give milk after eating their food!!

Another reason for cows roaming freely on roads is the mismanagement of the local governing bodies. This report is for the kind consideration of the Bajpe Police Station so that they can warn the owner of the cows not to allow them to roam free on the streets and create havoc.

As per a shop owner, these cows are seen daily in the morning or during afternoon hours, and the adults and children fear walking by these cows, especially bulls. “Many times I end up cleaning the cow dung right in front of my shop, and even after many complaints there has been no action from the panchayat members nor police” he added. But despite attempts to curb it, it only seems to be growing once again. Apart from disrupting traffic on the road, stray cows are also the cause of much muck on the streets. From ripping open garbage bags and strewing garbage all over, to filling roads with dung, stray cows are a menace for many.

But we can’t blame these four-legged animals fully, the people who were ignorant and let them roam around freely with no leash should be BLAMED! “Not just slowing down traffic, the lives of cows are also in danger. Also, cows can consume large volumes of plastic while foraging through garbage which could lead to their death. I’ve seen cows moving around in herds but never their caretaker. We see them everywhere; carefully threading their way across the streets, diligently chewing through garbage or blithely sitting in the middle of the road, they are now even at the heart of Indian politics.

But what they face is an unholy reality on the city’s streets. They stand the risk of being hit or causing accidents while also being exposed to dangerous food. But nothing much has been done by concerned authorities in trying to curb the cattle menace. Unfortunately, even right-wing groups, who make a hue and cry about protecting cows, haven’t protested against those who allow them to wander on the streets. Cows don’t understand our rules of when to cross the road.

Modern cow protection groups hail the cow as a divine being that deserves protection. Whatever be the case, the concerned authorities and Animal Activists should come up with an effective plan to save these animals from getting hit by vehicles, and also save the motorists due to the cow menace on the streets. Apart from awareness, action should also be taken against the owners of such cows for letting them on the streets, thereby putting the lives of the cows and everyone else’s at risk.

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