Customs Officials Seized 1913 grams Gold Worth Rs 1.08 crore at MIA between 16-28 Feb

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Customs Officials Seized 1913 grams of Gold Worth Rs 1.08 crore at Mangaluru International Airport between 16-28 February

Mangaluru: The customs officials at the Mangaluru International Airport have seized 1913 grams of gold valued at Rs 1.08 Crore that was illegally transported from overseas countries to India between 16-28 February 2023.

The said gold was confiscated from one woman and six men passengers. The gold was hidden in the clothes, rectum and mouth by the passengers to avoid detection by the customs officials. The gold was smuggled through different modus operandi such as concealment in paste form within a double-layered shirt, inside the rectum, and by pasting under feet. One lady had concealed gold in paste form inside the waistband of her trousers worn by her and gold was also found concealed in the oral cavity by one male passenger.

Further investigation is in progress by the MIA customs authorities.

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