Cyclone Biparjoy Impact! Showers bring Relief to the City of Mangaluru during Water Rationing & Hot Temperatures

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Cyclone Biparjoy Impact! Showers bring Relief to the City of Mangaluru during Water Rationing & Hot Temperatures

Mangaluru: The proverb “March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers”, or the shorter, trochaic version “April showers bring May flowers” are common expressions in English-speaking countries. Whatever the versions are, Mangaluru received rains a bit late, in June. Following the heavy rains on Friday night which lasted for a few minutes, the City got heavy rains early this morning and the rain was quite enough to dampen the soil, creating some cool temperatures, and it was a relief for plants and trees, etc etc. It was time for many to take their monsoon gear out of the closet and also make use of the umbrellas.

With dogs barking at the loud sound of the thunder, to my surprise, it was pouring down heavily outside during the early morning hours and continued further in. Cool breeze spreads a blanket of pleasant weather around bringing down the summer heat considerably. The breeze was accompanied by heavy downpours, along with thunder that continued for a while. The early morning showers gave some respite from the dryness the city had endured over the last few weeks. The heavy rain was enough to wet some of the items or clothes left out to dry- and the hundreds of homeless and migrants stranded on city roads had to run for shelter under shops or bus shelters.

What kind of rain is this, which comes but rarely, but pours a lot when it does? – I bet many will ask. Sources reveal that in all, Coastal City Mangaluru occasionally gets off-season rains from oceanic depressions in February, March or April. While infrequent, they can contribute to significant rains in the city when they do appear. It is easy to claim that Mangaluru’s summers are starting early and thus the summer rains are starting early as well, but the evidence for such a case remains weak. Now, will such oceanic depressions over the Indian Ocean become more frequent or more intense due to climate change? The most honest answer one can give today is ‘Maybe’.

And due to this morning’s rain, white foam or scum was observed on some of the roads of the city. This is because the rainwater mixes with a few months’ worths of oils, tar and rubber that have accumulated on the roads. They may make the roads more slippery than usual. But we should be all happy that at least this rain did cool down the temperature a bit.

As per IMD, the forecast for the next 48 hours says rain/thundershowers would occur at most places over Coastal Karnataka and many places over interior Karnataka. But you can’t always rely on the weatherman -it could rain or it could be sunny. Until then let’s keep our fingers crossed, and hope for sunny bright weather rather than gloomy wet weather during the weekend.


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  1. It would be nice if the excess water from drain lines etc could be harvested and used.

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