Dad Sridhar & Son Sanjay Kamath Don a Vital Role in Airlifting ‘Remdesivir’ to Save Covid-19 Patients

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Dad Sridhar & Son Sanjay Kamath Don a Vital Role in Airlifting ‘Remdesivir’ to Save Covid-19 Patients

  • Dad Sridhar Kamath -the Ex-President of Dakshina Kannada Chemists & Druggist Association & Son Sanjay Kamath-the Managing Partner at his dad’s pharmaceutical business M/s Gopal Kamath & Company, Mangaluru Don a Vital Role in Airlifting ‘Remdesivir’ injection from Bengaluru to Mangaluru, during the need of the hour in order to save Covid-19 patients at various hospitals/clinics in the City.

Mangaluru: Since the start of the pandemic, many people including doctors, nurses, health care fraternity, entrepreneurs, religious members, students, among others have been tireless in their efforts to keep people safe and ensure that the country stays connected. We should appreciate how important their services are right now to people’s everyday lives. As Good Samaritans or call them ‘Covid Warriors’ they have taken their responsibilities very seriously and stepped up to play their part in these tough times. The health and well being of the people has been their top priority, by following government and medical advice to put safety first while making sure that they still help people in their needs.

For these Good Samaritans or call them ‘Covid Warriors’, the health and well being of the people is always their top priority, so they’re following government and medical advice to put safety first while making sure that they still help those in need during this pandemic time. These committed and dedicated people know that there are some people who need additional support during this difficult period and therefore they’re committed to helping them. And among such good Samaritans aka Covid Warriors, we have a duo- dad and son who came forward and played a vital role in airlifting ‘Remidvisir’ from Bengaluru to Mangaluru, which was very much needed while many hospitals/clinics in the City were out of stock. Meet Dad Shridhar Kamath, aged 66-the Ex-President of Dakshina Kannada Chemists & Druggist Association (he served in that post for 15 years until April 2021), and Managing Director of M/s Gopal Kamath & Company, (a pharmaceutical/distribution firm) Karangalpady, Mangaluru; and Son Sanjay Kamath, aged 32- the Managing Partner at M/s Gopal Kamath & Company.

L-R : Sanjay Kamath and Shridhar Kamath

Here is the story- while a bunch of hospitals/clinics were in desperate need of the Remdesivir Injection, one of the local (Mangaluru) pharmaceutical distributor Mediglobe, Balmatta-the one of the leading businesses in the Cancer Medicine Wholesalers had placed an order for 150 vials of Remdesivir to be shipped from Bengaluru to Mangaluru via Durgamba Bus Service. But due to some billing problems, the parcel of Remdevisir couldn’t be shipped by bus, and it remained at the bus office in Malleshwaram, Bengaluru. When such was the issue, Assistant Drug Controllers in Mangaluru, Ramakanth Kunte and Shankar Naik contacted Shridhar Kamath if he could do the needful in getting the Remdesivir shipped immediately.

Wasting no time, Shridhar and his son Sanjay got into action to do the needful. Sanjay called his friend Nithin Chakravarthy in Bengaluru, to arrange for the pickup of the Remdesivir parcel from Durgamba Bus office, and rush it to Bengaluru International Airport, to be shipped by the Indigo flight at 2 pm from Bengaluru to Mangaluru. That was indeed a quick delivery of the parcel by Nithin, who picked up the parcel at 10:30 am from the bus office, reaching the Bengaluru Airport by 11:15 am, and then shipped to Mangaluru by Indigo flight. Credit should also go to the Indigo Team in Bengaluru and also in Mangaluru, who were very helpful in the process of the shipment.

Receiving the stock of 150 vials of Remdevisir at Mangaluru International Airport, Sanjay Kamath delivered the parcel to Mediglobe, and quickly the vials were distributed to the various hospitals /clinics immediately- vials were delivered to Father Muller Hospital, Kankanady, Mangaluru (18 vials), KMC Hospital-Jyothi Circle (18); KMC Attavara (12); A J Hospital-Kuntikana (18); Unity Health Complex-Falnir (12); Athena Hospital-Falnir Rd (12); Highland Hospital-Falnir (6); Mangala Hospital-Kadri (6); S C S Hosp[ital- Bendore (6); Mangalore Nursing Home-Balmatta Rd (6); Tara Clinic- Karangalpady (6); Indira Hospital-Falnir (6); KVG Hospital-Sullia (6); Mahaveer Hospital-Puttur (6); City Hospital-Kadri (6); Vinaya Clinic/Hospital-Karangalpady (6).

It should be noted that the airlift of this Remdesivir injection in such a short time benefited quite a few Covid-19 patients at all these mentioned hospitals, who were in desperate need of the vials, thereby saving their lives. Kudos and Thumbs Up to Shridhar Kamath, Sanjay Kamath, ADC’s Kunte and Naik, Nithin Chakravarthy, Indigo Team Bengaluru and Mangaluru for a job well done, and being the Covid Warriors during the need of the hour. Thanks also to Sharath Soori of Soory LifeCare for timely efforts and help. When asked how he feels about the help rendered by him and his son, Shridhar Kamath said, “Being in Rotary Club for many years, I know what community service should be in time of need, and therefore I did my best along with my son by offering our help in this situation, and I am glad our service was of big help for the suffering Covid-19 patients in saving their precious lives. We did what was needed to be done when someone needed help, which others also should come forward with their helping hand during this pandemic crisis.”

Here is what you need to know about the Injection Remdesivir: It is an injectable antiviral that aims to prevent replication of the virus. It was manufactured in 2014 to treat Ebola and has since been used to treat SARS and MERS. In 2020, it was repurposed for Covid-19 treatment. Amid a surge in Covid-19 cases, many states in India, including Karnataka have started reporting a shortage of the antiviral Remdesivir. Clinical experience has shown it works best in ill patients, and in the early stages of hospitalization; The higher demand is primarily due to rising cases, and also manufacturing and supply issues.

The Department of Pharmaceuticals has asked all seven manufacturers to scale up to their maximum capacity of 38.80 lakh vials per month. Hetero can produce 10.50 lakh, Cipla 6.20 lakh, Zydus Cadila 5 lakh and Mylan 4 lakh vials. Hetero is producing 35,000 vials a day or two currently. Zydus plans to scale up to 12 lakh vials a day. It has also slashed the price of a 100 mg vial to Rs 899, from Rs 2,800, the cheapest from any manufacturer. The MRP for others is: Cipla Rs 4,000, Hetero Rs 5,400, Dr Reddy’s Lab Rs 5,400, Mylan Rs 4,800 and Jubilant Rs 4,700. The Centre has directed states to take action against black marketing and hoarding. It has advised hospitals to use Remdesivir based on the national Covid protocol, which lists Remdesivir as an investigational drug with contraindications.

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