Daily Life Looks City ‘UNLOCKED’ While Mangaluru is Still Under ‘LOCKDOWN’ ?

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Daily Life Looks City ‘UNLOCKED’ While Mangaluru is Still Under ‘LOCKDOWN’ ?

Daily Life Looks City ‘UNLOCKED’ While Mangaluru is Still Under ‘LOCKDOWN’? People still don’t have the FEAR of the VIRUS nor Fear of the LAW- they are enjoying and moving around as Coronavirus has vanished or Lockdown has been lifted. Total Ignorance by Careless and Shameless Ignorant people. While there has been 1006 positive COVID-19 cases and 15 deaths in Dakshina Kannada/Mangaluru on Friday, 18 June, do you think the lockdown will be lifted or eased on 21 June – very doubtful at this rate, mainly because people are not adhering to the COVID-19 guidelines to contain the pandemic?

Mangaluru: The year 2020 began with the fight against coronavirus, and it came with one of the most impactful changes in all our lives – the LOCKDOWN. As the novel Coronavirus began settling itself in various parts of India, including DK/Mangaluru and the number of positive cases increasing terribly, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on 24 March 2020 announced a nationwide lockdown for 21 days. In his order, the prime minister mandated a restriction on all non-essential travel and services. Observers have even stated that the lockdown had actually slowed the growth rate of the pandemic at the earliest. Since then we have seen ‘Unlocked’ and ‘Lockdown’ days, and now in the second phase, we are still in a lockdown mode.

But the way life in the City is going on, it seems like many people have forgotten there is a pandemic and lockdown. Before this lockdown, we witnessed Weddings and leisure activities almost back in full swing, while religious centres turned into potential hot spots. India’s official number of COVID-19 cases went from 691 at the start of lockdown to more than 1.5 million in four months as more people dropped their guard. Similar was the case here in Dakshina Kannada/Mangaluru where we saw and are still seeing a spike in COVID-19 positive cases, along with deaths. And sadly people have still not learned from these numbers of cases and deaths, instead, they are taking it easy and living a life with carelessness amidst the pandemic.

In spite of District Administration officials, including the DC, the officials from MCC, including the Commissioner and Mayor, the police including the Police Commissioner, among other concerned city officials cracking down on violators of COVID-19 guidelines and imposing penalties on them, we still notice people wandering around for no reason to be out, and motorists going for a joy ride, for the fun of it and not for a reason. MCC and the police department have collected a huge amount of money from fines, but this hasn’t brought much change, as people and motorists are still roaming around, and flouting the COVID rules.

Even though Prime Minister Narendra Modi and our CM Yediyurappa have cautioned citizens against “carelessness” during the pandemic and lockdown, people have ignored such appeals. “We have been careless. We were maintaining social distance and wearing masks when the total lockdown was in place. But today, when we need these things more than anything, we have not been following these protocols during the present ease of lockdown”, said Modi. Modi’s government had also come under scrutiny after ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) members were caught violating social distancing rules months ago, but that hasn’t happened to them, since we still see his partymen flouting COVID rules.

The ongoing battle against the virus relies on how well people adhere to behavioural advice. This includes local restrictions, social distancing protocols, personal hygiene among others – but unfortunately many are not adhering to these. Also, comparative optimism may have made people a little careless and this has also led to a lack of compliance with lockdown guidelines, I feel. Looking at the present situation COVID-19 has not been controlled completely. People still forget to wear masks and maintain social distance, among other preventive measures. The implication for potentially walking into this lockdown is that where people’s experience so far maybe that they have not been ill with COVID, they are likely to be even more comparatively optimistic than they were months back. Thinking that COVID has not happened to you so far so it is unlikely to happen to you now, can be even more dangerous than it was earlier.

There is no doubt that the Careless behaviour of people and complacency are leading to a spike in COVID-19 cases in Dakshina Kannada. One day we are seeing the COVID cases going down, and the next movement the cases increase like today ( 18 June) there were 1006 positive COVID-19 cases and 15 deaths. This has to be the complacency among people with regard to social distancing and other preventive norms, and the easing of restrictions are leading to the rise in COVID-19 cases. The use of masks and social distancing norms are not being followed. It has been seen that people are violating norms and more people gather at a place than allowed.

In conclusion, the present situation is not good, but under slight control in DK/Mangaluru. The state government and district admin should start focusing on raising awareness about the coronavirus as its containment depends on the people. It should be clear that the government cannot protect people from infection. Only the people can protect themselves from the virus by adhering to the COVID-19 guidelines, as the present situation shows a lack of awareness and laxity among people for the rising cases. The containment of coronavirus depends on public awareness. It can be contained only when people stop making mistakes, and also that people are scared and hiding the disease. People should follow the social distancing norms, wear face masks and come out for treatment in time to stem the spread of the pandemic, if not we will be still looking at a spike in COVID cases, and chances are that lockdown could continue further- So people, please DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN!

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  1. Indian government makes rules based on opinions of doctors. Very few doctors are really honest. Most of doctors are commercially inclined, many scare the patient to death before actually death comes.

    There is no evidence till date that mask, social distancing saves people from covid19.

    The best is (Not to trouble anyone, just wear a N95 mask and go to shop at less peak hours, finish shopping within 15 minutes for a month). Plan your shopping, carry own bags, shop as per prelisted shopping list and get out from the store.)

    Be at home, stay safe and be happy. There is no other way until military scientists discover actual medical remedies which can kill the covid variants.

  2. Dear Sir

    There is no social distancing in vegetable stores and various places in you photos. Then, how do you expect the Covid to be controlled.

    The Municipality guys need to put volunteers to stop all this mess.

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