Damage to Water Pipe by Workers, MCC to take Action against GAIL Gas Ltd

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Damage to Water Pipe by Workers of GAIL, Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) to take Action against GAIL Gas Ltd, a company undertaking the PipeLine Gas Project. The carelessness and negligence of GAIL workers have not only damaged the water pipeline but have put the city residents in many areas in hardship with NO WATER SUPPLY

Mangaluru: It should be noted that for the past three days, people residing in and around Mallikatta have been put to hardship, as the drinking water pipeline of the Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC), was damaged by the Gail Gas Limited by their workers while digging and laying the gas pipeline, during which the main MCC water pipeline to the area was damaged, and the city corporation had to disconnect the supply to the area at the Water Tank located at Bendore/Horticulture area, to stop the flow of water from the damaged pipeline. Yesterday, the spot where the water pipe was damaged, turned into a Mini Swimming Pool,

Even on the third day, the water supply to the area has not been completely restored. Many areas are yet to receive drinking water. Just because of the negligence of a few people, many others have to suffer. If you look at the work done at other locations in the City, it is a total disaster- and the worst part is that the workers don’t restore the dug areas, which puts motorists and even pedestrians at risk. And MCC has taken it easy since the project belongs to the Central government, and MCC is on the same bandwagon?

And now, finally, after all the inconveniences and hardships faced by the people, the MCC commissioner Sridhar Hegde has stepped forward to deal with GAIL Co by holding an emergency meeting with the Gail authorities. Speaking to Team Mangalorean Area Ward Corporator Manohar Shetty said, “Even though the damaged pipeline has been repaired, water supply to one of the pockets is yet to be restored. The pipeline from Bendore was damaged, while the workers were digging the ground. Water supply has been restored in many areas. Water supply in the remaining areas will be restored soon. The MCC commissioner had warned the Gail authorities recently and directed them to stop the work during the rainy season. However, they had already started the work in the area”.

MCC Commissioner Akshy Sridhar said, “The work continues to restore the damaged pipeline, at one more place. We had already issued a warning to the Gail authorities. I will hold a meeting with officials from Gail, and discuss their work. I will instruct them not to take up any new work. Let them complete all the ongoing work, and start on the new stretches, only after the monsoon”.

On the damage to the pipeline, and inconvenience caused to people in the past two days, by disrupting the water supply, the commissioner said, “We have put the onus on the Gail authorities, to make alternative arrangements, to supply water using tankers. Meanwhile, the damaged pipelines are also being restored by them”.

It should be noted that when they dig to lay the water or Gas Pipelines, they either damage the utility cables or existing water lines, thereby creating a mess and inconvenience to the citizens of Mangaluru. We have seen all these disasters in the past and are seeing them again and again, and nothing has been done to stop these two agencies at the helm of the Water and gas Pipeline who are damaging water pipes where gallons and gallons of water is lost.

Along with GAIL pipeline gas company workers, there are also workers of Jalasiri Water Project, who dig concrete roads thereby creating more inconveniences and hardships, both for pedestrians and motorists. And no one from the district administration nor Mangaluru City Corporation is raising their voice or taking any action, since the gas pipeline is a project initiated by PM Modi, and the Jalasiri water scheme project is approved by CM Bommai – and our local leaders and officials are on the same boat.

While most of the City is dying of thirst due to low water supply during summer times, here we have water being lost due to human error and negligence. Water leaks are becoming a big cause for concern with corporations/municipalities desperately trying to conserve more water while trying to decrease the amount of clean water that is being wasted through burst water pipes. Locals say this is indicative of the volume of water being wasted and leaking out of the city’s ageing water infrastructure or human error. If the leaks were fixed there would be no need to conserve water.

Summers bring shortages, even for those served by the city’s plumbing. Everywhere, the steep ascent of demand has caused a run on groundwater. And on the other hand, we have these man-made disasters that lose gallons of water-what a waste? Hope this report will awaken the concerned MCC officials to spring into action and warn the workers of the Jalasiri Water project and GAIL Pipeline Gas Company to be careful or face hefty fines when they dig or lay cable/pipes so that not a single drop of precious water is lost.


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