Dengue or Malaria Could Spread from UNCLEAN Office Premises of MCC Senior Health Inspector

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Dengue or Malaria Could Spread from the Unhygienic & Unclean Office Premises of the MCC Senior Health Inspector, located near the Service Bus Stand/State Bank area

Mangaluru: Even though the Mangalore City Corporation’s fight against vector-borne disease is having a massive door-to-door awareness drive against malaria and Dengue, when you look at the Office premises of MCC Senior Health Officer located near Nehru Maidan/Service Bus Stand/State Bank vicinity, shows a bad example in contrast to the awareness promoted to prevent the spread of vector-borne diseases. MCC had even roped in over 3,000 National Service Scheme (NSS) volunteers from 17-odd NSS units in educational institutions in the city for its efforts that would focus on creating awareness of the disease.

The volunteers were trained in campaign mode on spreading the message of malaria effectively. The NSS volunteers in batches accompanied by respective area corporators and officials had visited households across the city and distributed informative pamphlets on malaria, which was done based on a survey carried out by MCC about incidences of malaria in the city. Despite malaria haunting the city for the past two decades and more, it is surprising that there is a lack of general awareness about how malaria spreads. The drive had also primarily identified potential malaria breeding areas in the households or their immediate vicinity, and steps were taken to destroy them and residents informed about the perils of allowing water to stagnate.

Despite the survey done by health surveyors/Health Officers/Health Inspectors of MCC who stated that mosquitoes were found breeding in around 40% of the 5,000-odd households, it is surprising to see the premises of a Senior Health Officer is such an unhygienic, pathetic and unclean condition. Passing by the SHO’s office a couple of days ago, I could not resist clicking a few photos and highlighting the issue. Even the office wall had preventive measures stated in regards to the spread of Malaria and Dengue- and also there were other health-related details. Despite these health authorities finding out that most of the mosquitoes that were breeding on sites inspected were the dengue-causing Aedes aegypti rather than malaria-causing female anopheles mosquitoes, a senior health officer was not able to keep his office surroundings clean, is a sad story.

People are more concerned about unattended garbage across the city for they think this is the cause of malaria, and here we have an MCC Senior Health Officer’s Office premises filled with filth, like used cups, plastic bags, etc etc. Having filthy and verminous premises will be infested with pests such as rats, mice, fleas or houseflies- and of course, Mosquitoes.


If you walk or ride by this stretch of road near the Service Bus Stand, you will not bear the stink emanating from the stranded water filled with urine etc. Every now and then bus drivers, conductors, and other general public use the wall side to urinate, and it’s a shame that passengers sitting inside the bus, especially the women have to witness such nasty scenes. Even though there is a pay-toilet nearby, men want to relieve themselves for Free!

When such an ugly scene of men urinating along the stretch of this road, there has been no action taken by MCC, nor by the senior Health Officer who may be visiting his office here daily or occasionally. He or she has turned a blind eye to this health hazard issue, sure of spreading Malaria or Dengue. For sure, Mangaluru does not have enough pay-and-use or public toilets. While one category of people doesn’t have money even to utilize the pay-and-use toilets; the other category of people doesn’t want to WASTE money by going to such toilets- therefore they PEE on the roadside. But only if strict action is taken, such peeing habits will stop automatically.

Regarding this issue, there is a need to raise our voices against it, only then can a slow but sure change be brought about. Indeed, Nature’s call is not something to be avoided but women have been brought up and trained to use a urinal only when one is available. It is time that men start adding their bit and contribute to PM Modi’s Clean India Campaign. The government has established Public urinals in convenient places and continues to do so. It is every citizen’s civic duty to make use of these to keep our City clean.

Team Mangalorean urges MCC authorities to crack down on the men who pee along this stretch of the road, and if possible slap hefty fines- let also the Senior Health Officer nearby also join in the Fight to keep this area clean.

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