Development of country linked to progress of tribals: Kovind

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Development of country linked to progress of tribals: Kovind
Varanasi: President Ram Nath Kovind on Sunday said the development of the country can never be complete without the progress of the tribal and the Dalit community.

Addressing tribal congregation ‘Vanvasi Samagam’ in Uttar Pradesh’s Sonbhadra district, the President, stressing on the need of inclusive development, said just like Lord Ram triumphed with the help of tribals, the nation needs to take the tribal community along with it on the path of development.

On the second day of his tour to Uttar Pradesh, he visited the Chapki area in Babhni block of Sonbhadra district where he attended the ‘Vanvasi Samagam’ and inaugurated the newly constructed building of ‘Seva Kunj Ashram’.

During his address, the President said these Seva ashrams have made great contribution towards education among the tribal community.

“People will recognize the name of Sonbhadra by their work,” he added.

Kovind said the educational institutions working for the tribals are like temples. Children here would get blessings in form of education and prosper in different fields.

The President said there is a need to develop the art and rich culture of the tribals. He said if given a chance and support, these artists could showcase their performance in different parts of the country and even abroad.

On the occasion of ‘Vanvasi Samagam’, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath announced that his government would open a medical college in Sonbhadra which comprises more than half of the tribal population of the state.

He also assured to build an archery range for the players and students of the region which is quite popular here.


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  1. Tribal and the Dalit communities need to be made equal partners in our nation-building enterprise.

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