Digging Never Stops on this Stretch of Road-This Time again near St Theresa School-Bendur

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Digging Never Stops on this Stretch of Road-This Time again near St Theresa School-Bendur, Mangaluru. If you don’t believe me you can start counting all the patchwork done after completion of minor/major works on this stretch of the Road from St Agnes College/Bendore Church till Bendoorwell Junction.

Mangaluru: I have a feeling that probably I am the most hated person by the Officials of District Administration, Mangaluru Smart City Limited (MSCL) and Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC), and the area ward corporators (in this case/report area ward corporator) since I have been highlighting the shabby and negligent Projects/works which have been utilizing public money on projects either incomplete or not done as per the required standards. But that’s okay with me, but I will continue to do my reporting job as long as these government servants do their job right.

Once again I am using my signature tagline -“DIGGING NEVER STOPS IN THE SMART CITY?”. One thing for sure, that you’ll all agree with me is that-Digging of roads/streets/bye-lanes/footpaths will never stop in Mangaluru no matter what- and we have seen it in the past and will see it in future too. Mescom, Telephone Co’s, Contractors, building owners etc, and now GAIL Gas Co laying LPG pipelines- they all dig the roads/streets, footpaths without prior permission from Mangaluru City Corporation. There is no end to this- and once they dig, and after their work is done, they leave the dug-up area in a shabby condition. And no action is taken against them, either by the MCC or District Administration. And here we are once again seeing many newly constructed roads by Mangaluru Smart City Limited (MSCL) is now being dug right in the middle of these roads by Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) to build new Manholes or rectify any issues.

Once again a spot on the St Agnes College to Bendoorwell Road has been dug again, and this time once again near St Theresa school in the City, to fix an overflowing manhole which has been clogged. Speaking to Team Mangalorean, a person in charge of the work said that there has always been a problem with the manholes here being clogged since residents and students from the institution dump solid waste, including sanitary napkins etc, resulting in such problems all the time. “Now we will have to dig a portion of the concrete road, to rectify the overflowing of the manhole,” he added. Just recently this road was dug so many times either for UGD work, drainage or laying LPG pipelines. If you look at the entire stretch of the said Road, you will see patchwork at various spots, a proof that this road has been dug many times. This shows the unplanned and unscientific works taken up, either by Mangaluru Smart City Ltd (MSCL) or Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC).

During peak hours, chaos and traffic jams are created due to this work especially near St Theresa School during morning and evening hours and it’s a total mess out there always. Luckily the school is closed for the holidays, we won’t be seeing the regular chaos today, but traffic jams will be there during rush hours, due to one-way traffic. You won’t even believe ever since this entire stretch of road was concretized, it has been dug numerous times, either for faulty water or UGD issues- and it will never end. Similar has been the case with many other city roads, which have been dug various times and they are still digging to fix water or UGD problems. This shows how intelligent and smart our engineers are in our Smart City, who doesn’t even know what they are doing, even after many of them may be rank holders in their academics?

For a City that has been selected as one of the “Smart City” of India, it seems like we are lacking “Smart People”, right from Officials at MSCL and MCC, Engineers, Contractors, and other District authorities who are simply wasting public hard-earned money on projects, which once completed have to be re-done or new roads have to be dug up to lay drainage or construct new manholes or address some water problems. Just look at the sad situation of these newly constructed concrete roads which were done just months ago- now due to poor planning- they are digging the roads to construct new manholes/drainage, at various places in the City. Why wasn’t the construction of the new manhole/UGD done while the road was being constructed, is the question that many citizens would ask- but getting the right answer from the concerned authorities will be a tough one.

Isn’t it the right thing to do when the new road construction is done, simultaneously construct the manholes/drainage/water lines wherever needed? But here in this Smart City we are just seeing the opposite. While many of the new road works are undertaken by MSCL, the work on manholes comes under MCC undertaking- and therefore, once the road work is completely done by MSCL, it’s MCC’s turn to start digging to construct new manholes/drainage- which is so Dumb and stupid!

But it seems like no one cares about it- new roads are constructed, and within the next few hours or few days they are broken to give way for a new project/work. This education hub is now like a middle-aged bachelor, with the government and MCC trying to dress him up with all sorts of cosmetics while the vital aspects are being sidelined. With half the city being dug up for one or the other reason the traffic appears to be going haywire while the pedestrians are scampering for safety. Mangaluru has a dubious reputation for being the most unsafe city for pedestrians. Nobody has investigated that so there is no official document available for gouging the level of discomfort for the pedestrian but the way the city is dug up at present it is evident to the naked eye the violation of safety of pedestrians.

School children, young and old folks, ladies and gentlemen are the most susceptible. They come onto the road to escape the dug up areas endangering their safety. It is a carnage out there. With the roads dug up here in there, some could claim that they have sent people to the hospital with injuries, some others would state that they have claimed lives! Even today, when there is so much conversation about road safety, and despite pedestrians being at the forefront of this conversation, many roads are not safe either due to construction or debris left after construction. Not “Smart” for an upcoming “Smart City”? Period. And sadly, it’s a shame that “DIGGING OF NEW ROADS NEVER STOP IN THIS SO-CALLED SMART CITY?”

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