Diocese of Chikkamagaluru gets new Team of Diocesan Service of Communion 2022-2025

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Diocese of Chikkamagaluru gets new Team of Diocesan Service of Communion 2022-2025

Chikkamagaluru: Karnataka Regional Service of Communion (KRSC) reconstituted the Diocesan Service of Communion (DSC) of the Diocese of Chikkamagaluru.

KRSC Secretary Bro. Thomas Chinnappa, National Service of Communion (NSC) member Bro. Mahime Raj and KRSC Spiritual Director Rev. Fr Franklin D’Souza were part of the constitution team. Bro. Joy Anthony former NSC Coordinator and Fr Franklin D’Souza were the resource person for the Life in the Spirit Seminar (LSS) and Bro. Joachim Pinto former KRSC Coordinator was present.

The program began on August 30th Tuesday at 10 am with registration and Praise and Worship led by the Chikkamagaluru team.

Bro. Ajay KRSC member from the Diocese of Chikkamagaluru welcomed the team. Monsignor Elias Sequeira, Vicar General as well as Spiritual Director of Chikkamagaluru Service of Communion inaugurated the program together with the resource team by lighting the lamp and with a blessing prayer.

Leaders from the three deaneries of the Diocese of Chikkamagaluru namely; Chikkamagaluru Deanery, Balehonnur Deanery and Haasan Deanery gathered at CMSSS Haasan.

From 11 am to 1 pm Bro. Joy Anthony led the seminar on LSS. After lunch after Praise and Worship at 1:30 pm Bro. Joy Anthony led the workshop on LSS.

From 2:30 pm to 4:45 pm Fr Franklin D’Souza led the rest of the sessions of LSS namely; God’s love, Sin and its consequences, Repentance, Jesus the Saviour and Baptism in the Holy Spirit. After the tea break Praise and Worship was led by the Chikkamagaluru team. At 5:30 pm Fr Franklin D’Souza celebrated the Holy Eucharist and preached a homily on “personal prayer and Call of God”.

At 6:30 pm Bro. Mahime Raj spoke on “Parish Prayer groups and their importance”. 7:30 pm confessions and anointing adoration were led by Fr Franklin and Fr Elias.

On August 31st second days program began at 6 am with Morning Prayer, Rosary and Worship. At 7 am Fr Franklin spoke on “Servant Leadership”. After breakfast at 8:30 am Praise and Worship was led by the Chikkamagaluru team.

At 9 am Bro. Mahime Raj spoke on “CHARIS Statutes”. At 10 am the process of reconstitution was led by Bro. Thomas Chinnappa. Leaders who contest elections introduced themselves. The election took place and Fr Franklin D’Souza, Fr Elias Sequeira, Bro. Mahime Raj and Bro. Thomas Chinnappa we’re in the discernment team.

After the discernment, these members were selected for the year 2022-2025
1). Mrs Ancy Mary as Coordinator
2). Mrs Divya Jyothi as Secretary
3). Mr Joseph Pushparaj
4). Mr Anil Furtado
5). Mr Richard Veigas
6). Mr Anthony Muthu
7). Mr Prasanna Serrao

At 12 pm Most Rev. Dr T. Anthony Swamy celebrated Holy Eucharist together with Fr Franklin D’Souza and Monsignor Fr Elias Sequeira. In his homily, Bishop spoke about witnessing Jesus with courage and prudence. He stressed the need to proclaim the good news of Jesus. He also said that people are in need of healing. Jesus heals all those who trust and believe in him. He also led the Oath taking ceremony after the homily.

At the end of the mass KRSC Secretary Bro. Thomas Chinnappa thanked the Bishop and the organisers. Spiritual Director Fr Elias Sequeira thanked Bishop and KRSC team for the guidance and election.

Report by KRSC
Photos by Mahime & Satya

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