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District Administration Bids Farewell to Outgoing DC Ibrahim

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District Administration Bids Farewell to Outgoing DC Ibrahim

Mangaluru: The district administration held a farewell programme for the outgoing Deputy Commissioner A B Ibrahim at the DC office here on July 30.


The programme began with an invocation. Dr Ashok welcomed the gathering. ADC Kumar in his keynote address said, “I have taken the liberty to convince the DC to attend the farewell programme, because when I asked permission, DC put forth some conditions, like not to praise him. But it is our duty to wish him success in his future endeavours. In the government service transfer is compulsory”.

Government officers should be like the flowing water which is very clean, and not remain stagnant. From the past two years and seven months, DC sir is serving in DK. When the relationship between the DC and ADC is good the administration will be successful in performing the duties. In his tenure, DC Ibrahim has won the hearts of the people. From the past 10 months that I have been seeing him, he is very active and motivates everyone around him. His work is tangible and visible, his heart and mind is very broad. He has a very positive attitude, whenever I go to him for signing the papers, he used to sign the papers first and then ask what the papers were for. He is very much trusted his subordinates. He always welcomed everyone and whoever came to him anytime.

Kumar further said, “We need a healthy body and a healthy mind to carry out our work successfully. He was working from 9 am to 9pm and he is the only DC in the district who I have seen working even till 10 pm. So far I have seen 11 DCs but DC Ibrahim is the only DC who works round the clock. He is our role model who has worked with integrity and a clean mind. He cares for everyone and has never disappointed anyone, always trying his best to solve everyone’s problems. People from Puttur, Sullia and other places used to come to visit him”.

Recalling the quote of Mahatma Gandhiji, Kumar said, “A Citizen is the most and precious visitor to our office, he is not depending on us but we are depending on him, we are not doing any favour to him but he is giving us an opportunity to serve”. He also said, “We have been paid, we are not NGOs. We get paid and we have to perform our duty with integrity. If you want to be a good officer, you should be a good citizen. Unless becoming a good citizen you can’t become a good officer. Being a DC he was taking all the responsibility, and involving himself to solve any problems. The DC’s chair means not a symbol of authority but of responsibility”. While concluding Kumar wished him all the success in his future endeavours.

Addressing the gathering DC Ibrahim said, “I have served as DC in DK district for 2 years and 7 months and I am lucky to serve here. I have worked with transparency throughout my tenure. In the government service, we have objectives and which we need to fulfill. Sometimes when I had to take firm decisions all the officers and people have co-operated with me. It is not possible to go against the government order, being the DC we have to see in a wider perspective. Today before going from here, I have given appointment letters to 79 civic employees so that the larger segment of the society should be benefited”.

He further said, “I was trying to reach out the people through the media. I used the media as the communicator so that all the government schemes should reach the people. When I used to call for meetings people were passing comments as to why the DC is in the news everyday? There are challenges in the department and most of the officers have co-operated well. Regarding the sand policy, I feel I have failed to implement it. In some government offices, there are no Tahsildars, how will the taluks work without any activities and competent officers? With MCC we have failed to bring important changes in the city. There are funds but difficulties in getting the work done. There are no proper roads and footpaths in some of the areas, we need to look into these problems in a positive and wider angle so that the taxpayers benefit. When the people representatives and officers have good understanding and cooperation there will be good development.” He thanked everyone for their co-operation throughout his tenure.

Police commissioner Chandra Sekhar said, “I have worked with many officers, but there is something unique about Ibrahim. Usually, a public servant is very much interested in working for seven to 8 years, after that he will not initiate any change. He will just work as usual and look for the change to come from the top. But Ibrahim, if he finds something wrong or things are not in place, he will try to change it”.

Recalling the meeting called by the DC about the Bandh, Chandra Sekhar said, “I will not get the courage to call for a meeting and tell that the bandh is not good but Ibrahim has the courage to call for a meeting to discuss the bandh and say that the Bandh is not good. He will call the public from all walks of life for meeting even he is ready to take the criticism. Every change has to start at some point. He has the capacity to take a decision. He is a visionary which reflects in Pilikula. He has been rightfully chosen for the post of transport commissioner and I wish him all the best.”

Former minister Abhaychandra Jain, ZP CEO Sreevidya and SP Bhushan Borase and Journalist Athmabhushan also spoke on the occasion. Dr Rajendra KV delivered the vote of thanks. DCP L&O Shantharaju, MCC Commissioner Mohammed Nazir and others were also present.

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