Doctor Refusing to Wear Mask Argues with Supermarket Mngt- IMA & AMC Condemn Doc’s Act

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Doctor Refusing to Wear Mask Argues with Supermarket Mngt- IMA & AMC Condemn Doc’s Act

  •  Doctor Refusing to Wear Mask Argues with Supermarket Management- Indian Medical Association (IMA)-Mangaluru Chapter & The Association of Medical Consultants (AMC)-Mangaluru Chapter Condemn Doc’s Act

Mangaluru : What If The Doctor Is The One Who Refuses To Wear A Mask? He will get in trouble with the law and face consequences thereafter. And here is one such example that took place at Jimmy’s Supermarket, Kadri in the City, where a doctor by the name of B Srinivas Kakkilaya, who was found not wearing a mask was requested by one of the managing partner of the supermarket, to follow the Covid-19 guidelines strictly, in the interest of other customers in the store. But the doctor who refused to wear the mask got in an argument with Ryan Rosario, the managing partner of Jimmy’s Supermarket, and the whole incident which was caught on CCTV camera has gone viral on social media.

In a complaint filed by Ryan in Kadri East police station where he has stated that the customer, Dr Kakkilaya, who had come to their store at around 8.45 am on Tuesday, 18 May had refused to wear the mask, when he was requested to do it. Instead the doctor kept on arguing saying that he doesn’t wear a mask, and also advised his patients also not to wear masks, and this is the stupidity of the government to force people to wear masks, when it is really not necessary. Based on a complaint filed by Ryan Rosario, the Kadri police have booked a case under Section of 4,5, & 9 of Karnataka State Epidemic (Prevention) Act 2020. Meantime, the doctor, who refused to wear a mask, has justified his act.

In a press release IMA and AMC has stated, “It has been noted that a video is circulating on social media showing Dr Bevinje Srinivas Kakkilaya not wearing a mask in a supermarket and also arguing when requested to wear a mask. The Indian Medical Association and The Association of Medical Consultants, Mangaluru strongly condemn such misleading action and irresponsible statements by Dr B S Kakkilaya by not wearing a mask in a public place and flouting the government guidelines and advisory”

“The Indian Medical Association and AMC does not stand by any of the actions and statements by the said doctor and stands by the government guidelines and endorses mask wearing by everyone in a public place, social distancing, hygiene and frequent hand washing/sanitising as per the current evidence and guidelines of WHO. Behave responsibly. Wear a mask, prevent Coronavirus infection and save lives” it is said in the press release by the Office bearers IMA and AMC Mangaluru

Dr Ganesh Prasad Mudraje (SWC Member) IMA-KSB in his statement said, “I urge DC & DHO to note this irrational, controversial, unscientific behavior and statements of a knowledgeable Physician Dr Kakkilaya who is trying to instigate public by saying that he will not wear mask,he wants others to oppose lockdown etc in the public forum as well as public places. He is trying to instigate others to break the Epidemic Act. Kindly book a case against Dr Kakkilaya on the basis of Epidemic Disease Act & give stern warning to others who do similar irresponsible behavior in this Covid pandemic time. I request IMA-KSB to ask for an explanation for his behavior which is giving a wrong signal about the integrity of Allopathic doctors.

In conclusion, what we have learned from this incident is that no matter who you are- a doctor, a engineer, a teacher, a nurse, or a common person, when it comes to follow the Covid-19 guidelines there is no exception irrespective of who you are and what’s your designation- and if you act smart, you will face the consequences just like this doctor had to. Therefore, Behave Responsibly. Wear a Mask, prevent Coronavirus Infection and Save Lives!

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  1. Dr BVK – Son of politician BVK – probably thinks WHO is under Indian PM and probably thinks Indian PM owns a factory to make masks?

  2. Hats off to a man who stands up for his beliefs and principles.
    The action of the Supermarket owners in circulating the CCTV footage of the incident is to be condemmned.
    If you have to file a complaint, by all means do it, but dont tarnish the image of your customer (customer since 6 years he claims in the video), by making the footage viral.

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