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Dog Show Attracts Huge Crowd in Udupi

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Dog Show Attracts Huge Crowd in Udupi

Udupi: Dog lovers of the city had an opportunity to watch canines of various breeds during the Dog show as part of the Udupi Parba organised by the district administration at Bhujanga Park Ajjarkad, Udupi here on Sunday, December 31.

The dogs were categorised into various groups. The breeds that were on display were: Belgian Shepherd dogs and German shepherd dogs , Boxer bull dog, Fila Brasileiro, Great Dane, Mastiff, Rottweiler, Saint Bernard, Dobermann, Dachshunds, Pug; Siberian Husky and other breeds were displayed.

Dog lovers and owners were seen grooming their canines. Veterninarians also advised pet lovers on how to take care of their canines. Visitors were seen taking photographs of their favourite dogs at the show and discussing details with owners and veterinarians on how to house and take care of pets since the city houses a large number of nuclear families with working couples.

During the competition, some owners adjusted their dogs’ feet so they could give the judges a good pose. Some dogs disappointed their owners as they would not open their mouth to allow the juges to check their teeth. Some owners called out the names of their dogs to gallop faster.

Interestingly the district minister in-charge Pramod Madhwaraj’s Siberian Husky dog also participated in the dog show and bagged the award.

The show attracted a huge crowd, many of whom were seeing for the first time such a wide variety of the species.

Earlier district minister in-charge Pramod Madhwaraj inaugurated the dog show along with Meenakshi Madhava Bannanje president CMC, Priyanka Mary Francis DC, Dr Sanjeev M Patil SP Udupi and Shivananda Kapasi CEO Udupi ZP.

Speaking on the occasion Pramod said that Dogs are more faithful than human beings. Some people even leave behind their properties with dogs to guard them. It is very important that we take care of them with love and care. Dogs are always good friends to their owners”.

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