‘Dongerkery Municipality WELL was CLOSED by Me in 1969’- Says Advocate Nagar Narayan Shenoy

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‘Dongerkery Municipality WELL was CLOSED by Me in 1969’- Says Advocate Nagar Narayan Shenoy

 ‘Dongerkery Mangaluru Municipality WELL was CLOSED by Me in 1969’- Says 77-years-old Advocate Nagar Narayan Shenoy, while narrating the story to Team Mangalorean on the Well found near Dongerkery Ashwatha Tree Katte during footpath/drainage work by MCC Workers.

Mangaluru : Following close on its heels after Team Mangalorean had published an article (Ref : All’s WELL That Ends With A WELL? 4 Historic Wells Found During Road Work In City To Be Restored  ) on Thursday, 8 July 2021. When Yours Truly of Team Mangalorean learned that the right person to give more history on the decades-old well found near Dongerkery Ashwatha (Peepal) tree Katte during digging work of footpath/drainage, was Advocate Nagar Narayan Shenoy, I met Shenoy at his home on Dongerkery Road, and he was kind enough to give elaborate details of that well, and also other Mangaluru Municipality wells in the City.

On 7 July afternoon while the labourers were digging during a MSCL/MCC drainage/footpath project near Dongerekere Peepal Tree (Ashwatha) Katte near to Canara High School-Dongerekere they found a well full of water up to the top, and they immediately informed the Mangaluru smart City Ltd officials and Mangaluru city corporation officials, including the Mayor-who quickly visited the spot and did inspection. Later when Team Mangalorean had met MCC Mayor Premanand Shetty during his morning walk had said, “This well could be around 50 feet deep, and we have found that the water is clean and could be used once testing is done soon. The Well is built with red stones and is quite strong. Only that the strong roots of a huge Peepal Tree (Ashwatha) nearby have pierced through the surrounding wall of the well, doing little damage. Work will go in restoring this ancient well, and it will be put into use once the project is complete”.

77-year-old Advocate Nagar Narayan Shenoy

His ancestral house right in front of Dongerkery Well

This is what Advocate Nagar Narayan Shenoy had to say about the Dongerkery Well- “In the year 1917, when Mangalore Municipality had completed its 50 th year, they decided to dig 18 WELLS across Mangaluru, to name a few- near Kadri across from the present Natural Ice Cream parlour/Karnataka Bank – this is the area where I reside, called as Kadri Pumpwell; Near City Point –Kadri; near Hampankatta Junction; Near Navabharath Circle; Near Ideal Ice Cream on GHS Road; Opposite Hotel Krishna Bhavan; in Car street where now Land Trade commercial complex is coming up; among others, including Dongerkery Well”.

“I was born on 3 March 1944 in the house which still exists right in front of the Dongerkery Well. Presently our Dongerkery ancestral house has been sold to advocate K S Kalluraya. In the year 1969, when I was 25 years old, I met Vaman Kodialbail who was the Chairman of Mangalore Municipality, and requested him to cut the branches of the Peepal tree which was near to the Well, since the branches were hanging over our house posing danger. He along with former Municipal chairman Vishwanath Kamath agreed to cut the branches. Regarding the Well, nearly ten families in that area used to draw water from it, but after Municipality water was supplied, residents stop drawing water from this well, so it was left unattended”

“Since no one was using this well, and also that at least 4-5 suicides where people used to jump into this well, I suggested to Municipal Chairman Vaman Kodialbail that it would be better to close the well, and he readily agreed. Instead of closing the well with mud, Vaman Kodilabail put a slab on top of the well, and thus the well/water was saved. Also at the present Well found at Navabharat Circle, there was also a tank where water was stored for fire brigade use. Even at Hampankatta Well, there was also a water tank for the same purpose. When the work was going on near the Navabharat Circle aka Rashtrakavi Govind Pai Circle, I had informed Mayor Premanand Shetty about the well below that Circle, and the Well was traced during the road restoration work recently. More on Dongerkery Well and about the history of Mangaluru could be found in the ‘Mangaluru Darshana”, in Vol 2, brought out by MUDA” said Nagar Narayan Shenoy.

About Nagar Narayan Shenoy :
Born on 3 March 1944, Nagar Narayan Shenoy lived in the ancestral mansion across from the Dongerkery Well, until he moved to a new house on Dongerkery Road in 1985. After his early studies at Canara High School, he completed his B Sc at St Aloysius College, Mangaluru in 1965. , where was a sportsman, in Athletics (Discuss, Hammer throw and Shot Put) , Basketball, Kabaddi, Weightlifting. After college, he was actively involved in various DK sports events, and he was the FIRST one to get a State Award in undivided Dakshina Kannada in Athletics. Married to Jayalakshmi (74) a housewife, he is a proud father of one daughter, married with two sons and living in Singapore. Nagar Narayan Shenoy still practises law handling civil cases related to property etc. and is a active Board Member of Besant Group of Institutions, Mangaluru


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