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Don’t act like God, Sunil Grover tells Kapil Sharma

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Don’t act like God, Sunil Grover tells Kapil Sharma

Mumbai, March 21 (IANS) Actor-comedian Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover from “The Kapil Sharma Show” seem to have mended their strained relationship after Kapil extended apology and said he was sorry if he had unintentionally hurt his co-star.

Kapil was accused of allegedly hurting Sunil while drunk on a flight from Melbourne.

On Monday, Kapil tweeted: “Paji Sunil Grover. Sorry if hurt you unintentionally. You know very well how much I love you. Love and regards always.”

In reply to the tweet, Sunil sent out a long post via social media on Tuesday.

In it, Sunil said that even though working with Kapil has been a learning experience, he requested that Kapil should treat everybody with respect.

“All are not as successful as you. All are not as talented as you are. But if they all are talented like you, who will value you? So have some gratitude towards their existence. And also, if someone is correcting you, don’t abuse that person,” Sunil said.

He added: “Refrain from using foul language in front of women who have nothing to do with the stardom you carry. They are just travelling with you. Thanks for making me realise it was your show and you have the power to throw out anybody, anytime.”

Sunil also asked Kapil to not act “like God”.

Responding to Sunil’s post then, Kapil wrote: “You won my heart. I love you more and more.”

According to the buzz, Sunil skipped the shooting of the show’s latest episode on Monday.

Kapil tweeted: “Today packed up at 6 a.m. After so long and I missed so many things. Love you. See you in the evening at your home.”

On “The Kapil Sharma Show”, Sunil plays the characters Doctor Mashoor Gulati and Rinku Bhabhi.

This is not their first spat.

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