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I don’t endorse sex comedies: Kiku Sharda

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I don’t endorse sex comedies: Kiku Sharda

Mumbai, Oct 14 (IANS) Comedian Kiku Sharda says he wants to stay away from sex comedies.

“That’s not the kind of comedy that I am comfortable with. I don’t endorse sex comedies. Even in TV shows, there are many double meaning dialogues and I am not really comfortable doing that,” Kiku told IANS.


“There are all kinds of films being made but I feel watching a film in a theatre is quite a family experience and when you can’t do that, what’s the point?” he added.

Kiku said: “If I am embarrassed about what I am doing, I would not like to do that. Having said that, you can’t take away anything. Every kind of cinema is welcome and all kinds of films are being accepted.”

Currently seen on screen in “The Kapil Sharma Show”, he says he has no plans to come up with his own show as he is very happy with the team.

“I have no plans to come up with my own show and I am happy with the family I am working with. I believe shows last longer when ego is zero. Here we share a very healthy relationship and nobody is bothered about who is bigger or smaller actor. We help each other with lines.”

“Kapil allows others to excel in the show and that’s the beauty of the show,” said the actor, who will also be seen in a film titled “2016 – The End”.

Talking about the film, he said: “Every actor has the desire to do films, but I never had that approach. I didn’t want to do character roles because when you are doing comic characters, you only get character roles. Having said that, I really like the whole idea of doing films and this film has a different story line which prompted me to be part of it.”

Directed by Jaideep Chopra, the movie also features Rahul Roy, Divyendu Sharma, with Harshad Chopda and Priya Banerjee.

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