Dr C P Habeeb Rahman – Mangalorean Star

Dr C P Habeeb Rahman – Mangalorean Star

The Mangalorean Star for November, Dr C.P. Habeeb Rahman is a highly modern, firmly traditional and deeply religious man who believes that a safe, healthy and happy society leads to the prosperity of the nation.

Dr. C.P Habeeb Rahman was born on 3rd December 1941 to Mr. C.P. Mohammed & Mrs. Zainabi in Kasargod. He completed his early education in St. Aloysius Boarding School in Mangalore and his B.Sc in Dharwad. Later he joined Manipal and completed his medical degree.

Dr. C. P. Habeeb Rahman is married to Ms. Amina and they have four children (two daughters and two sons). From his childhood, he is a visionary man. The young Dr. Habeeb had a dream to go to America to practice Medicine but when his father had a sudden illness and the sudden fall of family responsibilities on his shoulders made him to give up on his dream of going to America. He then changed his plan and decided to continue his service here in Mangalore and the result was the formation of a new hospital, “The Unity Health Complex”. Dr. C. P. Habeeb Rahman therefore not only became a visionary doctor by profession but a creative Administrator too. At present he is the Chairman & Medical Director of Unity Care & Health Services and the Unity Academy of Education, which runs a 250 bedded hospital.

Founded three decades ago, Dr. Rahman developed the Unity Health complex and transformed it into a very new hospital. Since then Unity hospital serves as a full fledged hospital updated always with latest technologies and knowledge. Dr. Habeeb Rahman views towards modernization are positive at all as for him ‘Modern’ means a value addition without throwing out the traditional values.

He says Unity has six state –of –the- art operation theatres with stainless steel walls (Class 100) and has the facilities for conducting super specialty procedures like joint replacement surgeries, spine surgeries, cochlear implant surgery, complex neurosurgery, maxillo facial surgery and more.

All through the interlude of its manoeuvre, the hospital has had acute demand for emergency and trauma care services. It also has excellent facility for providing emergency and trauma care for various emergencies like heart attack, road traffic accidents, snakebites, burn injuries, internal bleeding, etc. Twenty four hours diagnostic department and a blood bank that has the component separation facility support the department of Emergency and Trauma care.

Unity Health Complex has started a branch in Dammam, the First Indian company to start a 100% equity in K.S.A.

Speaking more about his Hospital, Dr. Rahman says “Our greatest calling is the welfare of the people. At Unity Health Complex we harness medical proficiency and state of the art facilities to offer a healthier standard of living. Our 250 bedded super specialty hospital is world renowned for providing professional and personal medical attention on time and without causing a burden on your finances. Our medical services are centered on the needs of the people. This is why we have taken every additional effort to ensure their complete well-being. The foundation of Unity Health Care was laid way back in 1978. Today, we still remain dedicated to the mission of providing the best health care services to our clientele in South India. We strive to uphold our mission, which reads thus: “to provide compassionate, ethical, accessible and high quality care that meets the expectations of our clients”.

Dr. C. P. Habeeb Rahman is a humble man who insists on two things in his own life – Character and Competence. He preaches what he practices and often quotes Gandhiji – “You cannot do right in some areas of life while attempting to do wrong in the other areas.” His Mission is to provide compassionate, ethical, accessible and high quality care that meets the expectations of his clients.

He cites two unforgettable incidents in his life. One is when his child along with the maid drowned in a water tank in Balmatta and died. He says he will never be able to forget this day. Second one was when he was resting in his farm house in the night when suddenly he heard the call bell and came out from his room to open the door. But he found none outside; instead he saw a viper passing from his corridor. He called his boys and ordered them to search for the viper. They put all their efforts to find the viper and finally they found the dead viper under Dr. Rahman’s pillow. He remembers this day as a miracle from God to save his life from the viper.

Posts held

• Director of Unity ILM Centre (Information, Learning & Media), Chairman of Arabic Academy, and was a Member of Mangalore University Senate, Academic Council & Faculty Of Medicine.
• Past President of Indian Medical Association, South Canara Branch, Panel
• Physician For GCC Countries (KSA, UAE, BAHRAIN, KUWAIT, OMAN) in India.
• From the past 20 years he is the Member of the International Hospital Federation, London. He was one among the four member of World Body of Group Purchase of
IHF, representing Asia.
• Vice chairman of Social Advancement Foundation of India, (SAFI), an advanced learning centre and a deemed University in Calicut, Kerala
• Founding Patron of Association for Communal Harmony & Moral upliftment, Mangalore
• President of Aliya College, Kasaragod, Kerala.
• Trustee to Yenepoya Medical & Dental Colleges and Member of Indian Society for Health Administration, Bangalore.

His message to the readers

“The need of the hour is global peace and specific challenges. When we see the world today, we see that people use violence as a means of solving problems. Human nature is a driving force. Humans are living creatures and all living creatures have the same innate driving forces to support life. Perfection of the human behavior to discover how best every available sources, spiritual, intellectual can be utilised is the need of the hour.”
“Mangalore is a cosmopolitan place and a city of intellectuals. I appreciate mangalorean.com for all its efforts and wish them all the very best in their future endeavours.”



rajesh nayak, Aruba:
dont you have any other new dignitories/achievers, will you keep changing every month at least instead keeping it for 3-4 months.


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ebmkunhi, UAE:
Wish you sucess more, more and good health in the years to come.


ashraf, Saudi Arabia:
CONGRATULATION Dr.C.P.Habeeb rehman.



CONGRATULATION Dr.C.P.Habeeb rehman.


ravi p.k., India:
Kindly make available the your hospital facilities to the finacially backward people.


Abdullah Bahrain, Bahrain:
Please do not forget the role of Late Muhammad Kamal who was also responsible to get Late Devaraj Urs the then Chief Minister of Karnataka to inaugurate Unity Health Complex.


Zakir Husain, Dammam, Saudi Arabia:
Congratulations Dr. C.P. Habiburrahman on becoming Star of Mangalorean. Best of luck for your future services to the mankind and may Allah give you good health.


Ramesh S, India:
Congratulations Dr. C.P. Habeeb Rahman. We get the best services at Unity hospital. Thank you


Nazmathnisa Laiz, UAE:
All the Best.


Althaf, Oman:
Congratulations Dr. C.P. Habeeb Rahman.

Wish you good luck and good health in the years to come.


Raj, India:
Congratulations Dr. Habeeb Rahman. Wish you good luck and good health in the years to come. Keep up the good work. Thanks mangalorean.com
for introducing such a graceful personality as Mangalorean Star.


It is a great pleasure for me to comment on the article on Dr. Habeeb Rehman. I have known Habeeb for over three decades as a person of principles, integrity and character. He has contributed in great measure for the development of Medical Science in The Port City of Mangalore.

I was one of the members of an excellent body promoted by him and Father Ronnie Prabhu viz COMMUNAL HARMONY. … a body which has worked for PEACE AND UNDERSTANDING among all communities.

Habeeb took me round a tour of his new state of the art advancements in Unity Health Complex and I was amazed to see the work carried out by a single individual… of course now supported by his sons Ajamal and Ashfaq who are trying to take the Hospital to greater heights. There is an old saying that behind every sucessful man there is a woman and here I am quite sure AMINA is the great lady behind the SUCESSFUL MAN HABEEB.

Habeeb…may you be blessed and may your breed increase.

Joe Gonsalves


Austin Prabhu, USA:
Congratulations to Dr. C.P. Habeeb Rahman on being named as the Mangalorean Star for the month of November 2010. You are an inspiration to our younger generation. Wish you all the best in gour future goals and mission.